What to see when Flixtor stops working?

It is a pity to officially inform you is Flixtor/Flixtor Film – One of the favorite free movie and TV streaming services of millions of believers around the world has officially “closed” and is not scheduled to reunite. So in time for Flixtor offline, what can you watch? Here are the 5 most reliable alternatives at the moment.

Do not go to alternative Flixtor sites

At present, Flixtor officially stopped working due to pressure from the film industry. The internet has appeared dozens of pages claiming to be Flixtor new but all fake. Recently the developers of Flixtor made it clear in an announcement that any website claiming to be a new version of the service is a scam. So what you should do now is: Find reputable film websites to replace them.

flixtor 1
Flixtor officially stopped working due to pressure from the film industry, An official announcement from the developers of Flixtor Film

Note: Whether you watch movies or online videos on any free platform should Use a VPN for anonymous access, protecting you against legal matters.

Why must you always use VPN software while streaming?

  • Block unsafe ads and malicious third-party websites.
  • Protect yourself from the consequences of piracy (watching pirated movies).
  • Free access to all genres of movies and shows (including those banned by the Government).
  • Suppresses IPS throttling to make the movie experience faster.

Suggest an alternative website when Flixtor is down

Here are some carefully tested, safe, and reliable online movie-watching websites to help you watch the best movies in the best condition. Flixtor Film Your favorites are not available.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an application that allows you to access thousands of TV shows and movies from different websites. Simply open the app available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android devices, or download it to your iOS from your PC or Mac. Then choose your favorite program, movie, or video, choose the quality of the video, and enjoy.

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time gives access to thousands of TV shows and movies


MoviesJoy is a free TV and movie service with no ads. Especially, the movie loading speed is extremely fast and smooth of the ability to stream HD. If you watch movies with this website, choose the HD or Cam version for the fastest transmission and the sharpest quality.

There is a minus point that makes MoviesJoy not popular with movie lovers the maximum HD quality of only 720p (HD), not 1080p (full HD). Furthermore, you cannot delete captions that take up a large screen area in the videos on this website. However, you can fix them by turning them off.

MoviesJoy is not in love with movie lovers due to its maximum HD quality of only 720p


SubsMovies are also a great alternative to Flixtor. SubsMovies focuses on quality movies/videos, is well organized, has a beautiful interface, and is very easy to use. Just entering an approximate movie title will quickly lead to related videos on the SubsMovies platform with the best quality.

subs movies
SubsMovies focuses on quality movies and videos

In particular, SubsMovies focuses on developing subtitle content to help you watch the movie with good content in your mother tongue and you will be really satisfied with this. It is also useful for people who are deaf or not knowledgeable in the original language of the video.

Above are 3 great alternative streaming video and movie streaming websites for Flixtor that are being interrupted. Hope you will have a great experience on these platforms.

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