How to use a VPN to remain anonymous online

A lot of users are using VPNs to anonymize when accessing the network. This is a way to protect privacy and safety while surfing the web, to avoid the disclosure of personal information and access content from hackers and dark forces on the Internet. So how can anonymity use VPN be used effectively? Let’s find out through the article below.

What is online anonymity?

Currently, in the process of accessing the network, there are two modes for users to choose from: anonymous and online. Many people have done the job anonymity online while on the internet. This means that they have used a mode of hiding their personally identifiable information from visited websites.

an danh tren mang
Hide personally identifiable information when browsing the web

With online anonymity, other users do not know that the user is active on the network and has visited any website.

Advantages of internet anonymity when accessing the internet

Technology is constantly developing, leading to an increase in the risks of accessing the internet. Therefore, anonymity on the network will help users get the following benefits:

  • Avoid nuisance: When you access the network in incognito mode, you will avoid the annoyance of not being disturbed by others. Especially for users who need a quiet space to work, anonymity helps a lot in their work.
  • Avoid the risk of fraud: When anonymity online, users will avoid the risk of money fraud as well as private information through phone numbers, email, zalo. When you are a celebrity, anonymity keeps you from being bothered by bad people who want to sell your private life or your images on the dark web.
  • Avoid hacker attacks: When accessing the network anonymously, users will avoid being hacked into their accounts by hackers.
  • Absolutely confidential information and content access: The advantage of anonymous internet access is that users will keep absolute personal information from IP addresses to web surfing content, and downloading torrents. what.

How to use a VPN for anonymity on the network

There are many ways to stay anonymous online, one of which is how to use a VPN for anonymity because it is safe, and highly secure, the web access speed is still fast and it is free again. Accordingly, many people use VPN or virtual private networks to anonymize their IP address when accessing the network and ensure anonymous browsing. The VPN service will help create a virtual private network that allows encryption of data so that when you surf the web, any content cannot be detected.

cach su dung vpn de an danh
How to use a VPN to stay anonymous while surfing the web

How to use a VPN to remain anonymous on the network is as follows:

Step 1: The user chooses a safety VPN to download and install on his computer. Currently, VPNs have popular software such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PrivateVPN, Opera VPN, and X-VPN … In this article, I will choose X-VPN to remain anonymous online. You can also refer to the Top 10 Best VPNs Global 2021 article on our homepage VPNchecked.

an danh vpn x vpn

Step 2: After the installation of X-VPN successfully, you will see the interface of X-VPN and the IP address appear. Click Select Location to select the connection location.

cach su dung vpn x vpn

Step 3: Many countries let you connect, choose which country you click on that country.

an danh x vpn

Step 4: Please wait for your connection process and X-VPN will limit the bandwidth and use 500 MB / day with all connection locations.

Step 5: To disconnect from the X-VPN’s location, click Disconnect.

Above is how to use a VPN to anonymize the network when accessing the internet of users. Hope you will apply to avoid the troubles and risks when using the internet at work as well as serving your entertainment needs.

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