VPNChecked is a Vietnamese VPN service review site that gives you reviews, comparisons, service guides and other useful information. Our main focus is on the VPN services industry, but we also cover other cybersecurity tools and topics, such as anti-malware, password managers, services SmartDNS, etc. So what are our purposes? Helping users to make informed decisions about personal information safety as well as security in this internet world.

Our team of seasoned technologists work relentlessly in trials and experiments, designed to give a glimpse into the marketing efforts of cybersecurity companies. Since its inception, VPNChecked has written hundreds of articles discussing tools, trends, and practices. These include large sections of industry research that have been featured in many authoritative technology publications around the world.

Experienced team of experts

We have a team of cybersecurity specialists specializing in virtual private networks and other online security technologies – password managers, encrypted messaging services, secure email, anti-malware, VPNChecked has tested hundreds of VPN services, from simple free mobile VPNs to complex global networks containing thousands of servers.

VPNChecked in news

The VPNChecked expert team works hard to uncover stories behind the scenes, providing consumers with a rare insight into the complex and growing VPN market. We have always been at the forefront of all things VPN-related services, and our research and comments have been posted on several reputable international news agencies.

Product evaluation process

First, we want our work to be honest and unbiased. To do so, we self-test everything according to a predetermined set of guidelines.

Some of the topics we discuss are quite technical, but we aim to make our articles understandable to most users. While digital complexity doesn’t always welcome beginners, privacy is a right we all want when living in the internet world – so everyone can use it. Use the tools you need to achieve it.

Why is a VPN important?

The Internet today is far from its creative-driven ideals – the concept of a democratic space where people can share ideas and participate in borderless, global conversations. not afraid of being suppressed. Instead, it is always controlled, observed and divided according to the situation of each country.

At best, VPN services go a long way to fixing these problems. At their worst, however, they are part of the problem, and distinguishing between the good and the bad can be difficult. The VPN industry is so competitive and rife with actors trying to tailor the conversation in their favor – a voice reader can trust is more important than ever.

Research process

We aim to promote a global understanding of the importance of security and privacy by providing free, ethical, and useful research. We share information about VPN vulnerabilities, exploits, unsafe databases, and other network security issues (hereinafter – vulnerabilities) to inform the public and improve privacy. quality standards in the VPN industry.

In we adhere to the principles Fair Review, based on all empirical numbers, towards the interests of Vietnamese internet users!

About us

VPNChecked is a VPN services review site that gives you reviews, comparisons, service guides and other useful information.

Address: Alley 178 Thai Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi

Email: [email protected]

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