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General Infomation of Atlas VPN
Service nameAtlas VPN
Company locationUSA
Number of positions17 Countries
Number of ServersOver 500 servers
Unblock Netflixhave
Equipment used at the same timeUnlimited
EncodeAES-256 bit
Customer supportEmail, Voucher, FAQ
Logging policyMinimal collection of data
PriceFrom $1.39/month
Free trialHave

Atlas VPN was the first service provider that came out in the new decade to attract huge attention.

atlas vpn logo
Atlas VPN is for 7 days free trial of Premium functions

Atlas VPN is a new free service with good security credentials for 2020. We recommend trying it out and new users will get 7 days of Premium for free.

But is Atlas VPN secure and fast enough to try it out? Does it unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms? Read my Atlas VPN review and find out if this is the VPN you’re looking for.


If you use a regular VPN service you do not need to pay any fees for this service. However, you want to upgrade to Atlas Premium you have 3 subscription options:

  • Monthly package for 229,770 VND
  • 1-year package with 57,270 VND/month
  • 6-year package with 16,100 VND/month.
The price for the 3-year Atlas VPN service plan is very suitable for most users
The price for the 3-year Atlas VPN service plan is very suitable for most users

With Premium, you get more places to visit, better connection speeds, 24/7 support, UHD streaming, and no ads. You can also experience a free 7-day Premium trial.

Advantages of the service

  • Free
  • Good security, high security
  • 24/7 email support
  • Unblock Netflix US

Limitations that the service needs to overcome

  • Only available in some countries
  • Windows apps don’t have a network disconnect feature

Security and Privacy

Does Atlas have absolute security?

This VPN is indeed a secure VPN. It all starts with military encryption, secure protocols, and a no-logs policy. However, Atlas VPN is still lacking a network disconnect switch for Windows and other security features.

In summary, it is not yet known what level of security Atlas VPN will provide users.

atlas vpn privacy
Atlas VPN lacks a kill switch feature for Windows

Atlas VPN’s Networking and Encryption Protocols

The official Atlas VPN website and the Google Play Store page do not list the level of encryption. However, after contacting customer support, I discovered that the service uses AES-256 – the same encryption standard we find in the military and financial institutions. This is hard to break and will make Atlas VPN users feel very safe indeed.

When it comes to transferring data over the network, Atlas VPN offers IKEv2, which is both fast and secure. More options coming soon, and we can look forward to 2021

Network disconnect switch

Currently, Atlas VPN has a network breaker for Android and iOS but not Windows. The good news is that AtlasVPN is currently in development and we expect it to be available before 2021. Android users can also use the “Always On VPN” feature.

No IP or DNS leaks

Atlas VPN has no IPv6, DNS, or WebRTC leaks. It’s hard to say how sophisticated their leak protection is, but my actual location didn’t show up in any of our tests.

Atlas VPN does not leak customer information

I connected to a server in the Netherlands and only see this country as the specified IP location wherever I go.


Server location

Where does Atlas VPN host servers?

Atlas VPN is based in the United States and its Terms of Service are drafted under the laws of the state of Delaware. The company behind this service is Peakstar Technologies Inc., but I found very little information about it on the web.

atlas vpn server
Atlas VPN has a worldwide server system

The company trademarked Atlas VPN in October 2019, its CEO is Jim Roberts and the contact person for the media is Valentina Perez.


Performance and Speed

Is Atlas VPN fast?

First, I tested my base speed without a VPN connection.

  • Atlas VPN Speed

Download: 225 Mbps /

Upload: 151 Mb/s

Ping: 1 ms

Then I tried the free and premium versions of this provider. I used both versions

  • Atlas VPN speed test – Netherlands – free version

Download: 36 Mbps (86% down)

Upload: 135 Mbps (down 11%)

Ping: 42 ms

  • Atlas VPN speed test – Netherlands – premium version

Download: 31 Mbps (86% down)

Upload: 91 Mbps (40% off)

Ping: 39 ms

  • AtlasVPN speed test – USA – free version

Download: 17 Mbps (92% off)

Upload: 105 Mbps (41% off)

Ping: 118 ms

  • Atlas VPN speed test – US – premium version

Download: 39 Mbps (83% off)

Upload: 89 Mbps (30% off)

Ping: 114 ms

  • VPN Atlas speed test – Australia- premium version

Download: 28 Mbps (88% off)

Upload: 36 Mbps (76% reduction)

Ping: 340 ms

Connection times are fast, but download speeds are below the Atlas VPN average, leaving you with 20% less bandwidth usage. Interestingly, the distance to the server has almost no effect (except for ping) and the speeds are roughly the same in the Netherlands, US, and Australia.



Does Atlas VPN support torrents?

Quite possibly, you torrent using Atlas VPN. Currently, there are not many countries and servers to connect to, so the speed is not as fast as expected. Also, Atlas VPN does not provide a SOCKS5 proxy, so it may not be the best way for your P2P activities. With that said, for a free service, Atlas VPN is a great recommendation if you want to torrent anonymously.

atlas vpn streaming
In addition to Torrenting, Atlas VPN supports most of the popular Streaming services in the world

Atlas VPN-enabled devices

What devices does Atlas VPN support

Currently, Atlas VPN supports Windows, Android, and iOS as of August 2020, and the Chrome browser is currently under development. This provider markets its service as a “free and simple VPN for everyone”.

The main menu has four click areas – the Off & On button, the Servers list, the premium features section represented by a diamond, and the settings panel. Free version users have servers in the US and the Netherlands, while the Premium version unlocks all countries. It doesn’t take long for Atlas VPN to connect to the server you want.

Atlas VPN for Android

Clicking on the diamond icon allows you to enter your email and check if it has been hacked. If that’s the case – you’ll be told how many times and how many times your password has been exposed. It is best to change the compromised password as soon as possible. It’s a good practice to check your and your family’s email regularly with this tool. However, this service is only available to Premium customers.

The Settings dashboard is home to support, FAQ, billing, and security options. However, there is only one option to tweak it – SafeBrowse. Disabled by default, this still-in-development feature protects you from accessing malicious websites using special DNS servers that don’t resolve malware addresses.

You can download Atlas VPN for Android from the Google Play Store. This app has been installed on more than 5,000 Android devices to date.

Atlas VPN for iOS

All clickable areas are the same as the Android version but with more rounded icons. In addition, the premium feature of diamond marking on the iOS version is called Assistant. This also works the same way and allows you to check if your account has been hacked.

The only iOS-specific thing is in the settings panel. After clicking on the privacy options, you can switch to Edit info.

atlas vpn ios
Download the app for iOS on the AppStore or directly on the Atlas VPN website

Atlas VPN for Windows

In terms of features, Atlas on the desktop feels like an Android app. It only offers if you are satisfied with the minimum that a Free VPN service can provide. This isn’t as obvious on mobile, but on desktop, it pales in comparison to the market leaders.

As a new release, the desktop version lacks too many features, including the ability to disconnect from the network.

Atlas VPN for Netflix and other streaming services

Using the free version of Atlas VPN, I can watch Netflix US. The switch to a Premium account has also unblocked Netflix UK. This is quite impressive for a very new VPN and more importantly, completely free.


Customer Support

Is Atlas VPN dedicated to customer support?

Currently, Atlas VPN has only a few customer support options:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Email 24/7
  • Submit a “Quote” on the website

FAQs can be found on the Atlas VPN website and also in your app. It covers some basics.

I submitted a ticket on its website to check for support. Although it took a while to get a response, it was clear that the service was informative. This is the beginning of a new service that is growing day by day, so the next review will come when Atlas VPN adds 24/7 live chat.



Should I use Atlas VPN?

Yes, it should be used. The service is free and the premium version has the best price. It will give you strong security, good privacy, and good speed. It’s great, for $0 you can completely access Netflix US thanks to Atlas VPN.

However, if you are an Android or iOS user, this service is not really for you. Of course, VPNchecked still ranks Atlas VPN as the top VPN for World internet users to consider using.

7.5 Total Score

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