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BullGuard VPN appointed by the good people brought you the antivirus of the same name, now in partnership with NordVPN. Result? A simple, sure, fast, secure solution to suspicious situations on the Internet.



General information about the service
service nameBullGuard VPN
Company locationUK
Number of positions16 Countries
Number of ServersOver 16 servers
Unblock Netflixhave
Equipment used at the same time6
EncodeAES-256 bit
ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
Customer support24/7, live chat, email, questionnaire
Logging policyno writing
PriceFrom $3.54/month
Free trialNot available
BullGuard VPN is a VPN service from the UK
BullGuard VPN is a VPN service from the UK

In this BullGuard VPN review, we will focus on how it stacks up against other products. Who is it good for and who should look to better alternatives? Overall, BullGuard has launched a VPN has a good reputation offers a wide range of solutions at an affordable price.


Is BullGuard VPN safe?

Security and privacy

Having partnered with NordVPN, one can rest assured that BullGuard VPN will have some of the best security protocols around:

  • Supports IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) protocols
  • AES-256 . Encryption
  • The policy is not logged
  • Network breaker feature

All of these sound good in theory and look good on paper, so we put them to the test.

bullguard vpn security
BullGuard VPN has pretty good security features

We were unable to detect any DNS leaks – as it uses its own DNS servers – but there is still the issue of NordVPN’s servers with WebRTC leaks that were discovered in late 2018. NordVPN fixes this with browser plugins, but BullGuard VPN doesn’t have these, so we’ll be careful to continue here.


Does BullGuard VPN log your data?

Logging Policy

Almost all VPNs these days advertise themselves as “no logs”, so seeing this plastered all over their ads and social media is not pleasant, especially when entering the investigation to review.

However, BullGuard VPN’s Privacy Policy is very clear. Most VPNs also keep some form of logs, usually connection logs, but BullGuard VPN doesn’t even do this, they choose to only keep billing information for customers who already use this VPN service.

This is especially good, as there would be some natural worry about BullGuard VPN’s jurisdiction being the UK, a member of the Five Eyes data-sharing alliance. In this case, there is no data to share, so you can rest assured about the security of your information and privacy.


Internet speed when using BullGuard VPN

Speed and performance

While running a speed test for a VPN, we look at three factors: connection speed, download speed, and upload speed.

BullGuard VPN surpassed our expectations in all of this, but we shouldn’t be too surprised, given NordVPN’s tendency to have some of the fastest servers in the business.

We registered a maximum speed loss of 20%, which is significantly lower than the average VPN, where you’re lucky to keep 40% (unless you read the reviews and look for the best, of course). the leading man or the dark horses).

Of course, a big part of this is dominated by the servers, but there’s no real way within BullGuard itself to switch servers as it will automatically connect you to the fastest server.


Easy to use with cross-platform support

Support device

BullGuard VPN supports all devices using the operating system in the four “big guys”:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the VPN onto the router or any custom apps for the browser or Kodi and Amazon Fire. However, the layout is simple and intuitive and reminiscent of NordVPN’s own sleek design.

bullguard vpn devices
BullGuard VPN supports most devices using operating systems belonging to the “Big Four”

There are two main menus: Server and Settings. The Servers menu allows you to select the country of your choice (but not a server). Meanwhile, Settings leads you to things like network disconnect switch and customize it, such as adding certain apps to it and excluding others, essentially acting as a split tunneling mechanism.


Unblock Netflix and Other Streaming Devices

Netflix and Streaming

You may already know about the infamous Netflix proxy ban. This is what causes a hard time disconnecting you from whatever TV show or movie you’re watching on Netflix when you’re using a VPN. Yes, Netflix is good at detecting – and blocking – the VPNs and proxies themselves.

bullguard vpn server
BullGuard VPN has a server system that is enough to overcome the protection of Netflix

Only the best VPNs (or those specifically made for this) can bypass Netflix’s protections and remove geoblocking restrictions from their content. Lucky for us, BullGuard VPN is one of them, removing geo-restrictions on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.

However, since the servers are chosen for you and there is no dedicated server for it, we realize that it can sometimes happen that you suddenly become unable to stream, causing you to reconnect. This is especially true when watching content on BBC iPlayer.


Does BullGuard VPN support P2P and Torrenting?

P2P and Torrenting

In today’s era of rampant piracy, a good VPN can definitely help you decrypt torrents securely by allowing P2P connections and making sure torrent downloads don’t track you over the Internet. only your real IP.

Yes, some VPNs end up showing your real IP address on the torrent client, from which you can expect a lot of pressure from studios to legal notices.

Again, BullGuard VPN ensures you peace of mind and worry-free about any of this, through authorized P2P connections and military-grade protection.


Online censorship in China and elsewhere

Fake IP China

While you may know about the Great Wall of China, you may not know about the “Great Wall of Fire” – a modern-day wonder of online censorship and surveillance in which Chinese people China does not have access to anything online that is not authorized by the government, including VPNs themselves.

VPNs are blocked by something called Deep Packet Inspection, which renders security protocols useless. According to the report, OpenVPN is the most targeted. VPNs with China in the target market use stealth mode and protocols to bypass these.

However, BullGuard VPN is said to not consider China as its target market.


How does BullGuard support customers?

Customer support

Very refreshing, BullGuard VPN is one of the few VPNs with excellent customer support – even live support. BullGuard VPN offers:

  • Free Live Chat 24/7
  • FAQs and help
  • Forum
  • Installation Instructions
  • Send email and support ticket
  • Physical address (area)

Their service is quick, responsive and polite with the guides being a priority and proactive in troubleshooting and helping users.

Since the product itself is available in a multitude of languages, so is the support. Live chat is available in French, German, Swedish, etc. Unfortunately, the customer care section does not support Vietnamese, so if you have any questions about this product, you can contact us. Contact VPNchecked directly for us to answer via email [email protected] or call directly to: 0932387396.


Service cost


BullGuard VPN has three service packages for you to subscribe to:

  • 1 year: $6.94/month
  • 2 years: $4.74/month
  • 3 years: $3.54/month

Our regular readers may recognize this as the industry average and for the services provided it is more than reasonable.

bullguard vpn price
The price of BullGuard VPN is not cheap

Users can pay via credit card and PayPal and are a bit disappointed not to see any crypto options. However, there is also a single bank transfer option.

Payments are guaranteed and the money-back policy is in the shape of a hefty 30-day money-back guarantee.


Should I use BullGuard VPN?


BullGuard VPN is a great product that, unlike VPNs that come with similar antivirus, doesn’t force you to also get the antivirus itself. It will eventually need to do some work to set itself apart from NordVPN, but it’s a solid service for now. I also have a lot of future expectations for this service, especially when it comes to security. For Vietnamese people, I advise you to consider carefully if you intend to use this service. Perhaps for anyone who has ever used a VPN as a necessity, NordVPN is a much better choice.

7 Total Score

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