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General information about Torguard VPN

TorGuard VPN was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Florida (USA). TorGuard stands for Torrenting Guard and is owned by VPNNetworks LLC. TorGuard VPN was first conceived as a torrent-based VPN, but has since expanded into broader markets and started offering more services and features to consumers.

service nameTorGuard VPN
Company locationPanama
Number of positions50 Countries
Number of ServersOver 3000 servers
Unblock Netflixyes (with dedicated IP)
Equipment used at the same time8
EncodeAES-256 bit
ProtocolsOpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2
Customer support24/7 phone, email, live chat
Logging policyNot logging
PriceFrom $4.17/month
Free trial7 days trial

Like other VPN services, TorGuard VPN also has military-grade encryption and a no-logs policy on user data. It has also implemented the WireGuard tunneling protocol with the latest technology. So you can expect a secure internet service with blazing fast and strong speeds. Moreover, TorGuard VPN also allows operation in China (Stealth VPN) and supports many different platforms.

Let’s take a closer look at TorGuard VPN’s features and see where it stands in our list of the best VPN services in 2020.

Outstanding Features of TorGuard VPN
Outstanding Features of TorGuard VPN


  • Great security
  • Allow Torrents
  • High speed
  • Great server list (3,000+ servers in over 50 countries)
  • Allow 8 connections at the same time
  • Appropriate pricing
  • Protecting privacy for customers
  • Licensed to operate in China


  • No 24/7 live chat
  • Does not support Netflix

Is TorGuard VPN speed fast?

Torguard VPN Speed

What makes a VPN service stand out in the eyes of consumers is the fast connection speed and ensures a regular, uninterrupted internet connection. Since implementing the WireGuard protocol, TorGuard VPN has been among the fastest VPN providers. When compared to the speeds of OpenVPN or IKEv2, the difference is absolutely stunning. You can see the results from my VPN speed test tool below.

Server USA
Download speed776 Mb/s
Upload speed616 Mb/s
UK server
Download speed818 Mb/s
Upload speed712 Mb/s
German servers
Download speed941 Mb/s
Upload speed940 Mb/s

If you compare the speed of TorGuard VPN with other VPNs, you will find that it is on par with those that use the WireGuard tunneling protocol.


Where is Torguard VPN servers?

TorGuard VPN Servers

TorGuard VPN has over 3000 servers with headquarters in 50 countries. However, this service does not provide any information about how many servers are in a given location. It just shows how many location servers and what countries they are located in.

When I asked their customer support team if they could talk more, they just said, “We have 1000 machines in different country regions.” I find this answer completely illogical. It was clear that it was impossible to convince me with such an abstract and ambiguous answer. While platforms like Reddit VNP clearly tell me the information of each “server” according to its name and location. This certainly does not increase my trust in TorGuard VPN.

Below is a summary of the global distribution of TorGuard VPN servers. However, most VPN servers can be located in North America and Europe:

Africa, Middle East and India4
Asia Pacific9

Is TorGuard VPN Pricing Right for Your Money?

Price of service packages

TorGuard VPN pricing is highly dependent on the length of your subscription, which can range from one month to two years. The important thing here is that you can use and test it completely free for the first 7 days. If within the first 7 days of using this service, you have a problem or don’t like it in any way, you have the right to request a 100% refund. For me, this is a great advantage of TorGuard VPN because most other VPN services only give users a 3-day trial. When I asked for a refund, I was refunded in less than three hours.

Here is the price list for each package, you should refer to choose the most suitable package for you:

  • 1 month plan: 9.99 USD/month
  • 3-month plan: 6.66 USD/month
  • 6-month plan: $4.99/month
  • 12-month plan: $4.99/month
  • 24-month plan: $4.17/month

With TorGuard VPN, you can connect to 8 devices at the same time. That’s more than enough for an entire household. You can also choose a Pro plan that extends the limit to dozens of devices.

TorGuard VPN Lifetime Plan Pricing
TorGuard VPN Lifetime Plan Pricing

In addition, TorGuard VPN also provides some additional options for you, including regular dedicated IP, streaming IP, sports IP, and residential IP. These will cost you an extra $7.99 monthly.

However, if your needs require more than one IP then you should subscribe to the Streaming Plan for $21.98/month which includes proxy, VPN, email and two IPs, which will be much cheaper.

Besides, TorGuard VPN also offers many payment options for you. You can use credit cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin, CoinPayments, Paymentwall, Amazon Pay or gift cards.

Note, when you sign up for TorGuard VPN service with crypto, you are not guaranteed a 7-day money-back guarantee. Since this is an anonymous form of payment, its disadvantage is that it collects quite little user information. You only need to enter an email address to register for the service. While refunding requires a lot of information to make sure the refund amount goes to the exact user who requested the refund.

Overall, TorGuard VPN fits your pocket and is definitely a service worth considering. However, the procedure of this service is quite cumbersome, which can be confusing for beginners. You should seek advice and support from the staff of this TorGuard VPN service before purchasing its packages.


Offers from Torguard

Special offer when using TorGuard VPN service

As I said above, TorGuard VPN will give you a 7-day free trial if you are using another VPN service. To receive it, you must submit your latest VPN bill to TorGuard. Once approved, you will test the unlimited version for a week, which is enough time for you to experience all its features.

After the trial period ends, if you decide to stick with TorGuard VPN, send them an email with proof of your current VPN subscription cancellation. This will grant you one month of free TorGuard VPN service. You will then start paying regularly, depending on the pricing plan. Please note that 100% money back service is not guaranteed during this period, which means that the free month is your last chance to decide whether to go with the TorGuard VPN service.

TorGuard VPN has a pretty cool tagline to welcome new users to the service, which is “New Beginnings”. Under that tagline, you’ll get a rate-rated credit for purchasing a pre-installed VPN router.

If you have a long-term contract with a TorGuard VPN provider and want to cover your losses, this is the best special offer for you.

TorGuard VPN offers several separate purchase options, and they are all quite different. So you’ll need to choose for yourself the free trials that best suit your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the options:

  • Anonymous proxy

This is the cheapest option, priced at $5.95 per month. This proxy is actually not a full VPN. Although it will hide your IP address, it will help protect your HTTP traffic, excluding activities like torrenting.

  • Anonymous VPN

TorGuard VPN Basic VPN plan costs $9.99 per month. This is like a small version of it.

If you’re just interested in trying out TorGuard VPN, the second option will probably suit you better.


Is TorGuard safe?

Right to Confidentiality and Confidentiality

As TorGuard VPN stated in the Privacy Policy:

“TorGuard VPN does not collect or record any data from its Private Network (VPN) or Proxy services.”

Or according to the TorGuard VPN Privacy Policy:

“No data is provided to third parties unless required by law.”

With the above claims in mind, this service will guarantee to provide you with one of the most secure VPN services on the market.

torguard vpn privacy
TorGuard VPN Operation Principle

Although TorGuard VPN’s no-logs user data policy will protect you from being handed over to the authorities. But sure, everyone including you doesn’t want to be in a situation where government agencies check your VPN account details for your real name and address. Therefore, I recommend that you retain as much personal information as possible.

One thing that surprised me is that TorGuard VPN does not allow the use of special characters when generating passwords. While I understand that you can give a secure option using capitals and numbers, this is still a limitation of TorGuard VPN that needs to be overcome.

Encryption and tunneling protocols

TorGuard VPN prides itself on using AES-256 encryption – military-grade encryption to ensure your safety. AES-256 is a standard encryption trusted and used by all high-end VPNs today.

When it comes to tunneling protocols, TorGuard VPN offers the following:

  • WireGuard
  • OPenConnect
  • OpenVPN(TCP & UDP)
  • IKEv2 / IPsec
  • L2TP / IPsec

You may find the number of protocols quite small (only 5 protocols) but this is more than enough for a high-end VPN service, while other VPN services only have 3 protocols like WireGuard, OpenConnect and OpenVPN.

I believe with solid protocols as above including advanced WireGuard. TorGuard VPN will ensure a secure and fast connection for all segments of the VPN user base, including you.

Private location not US-friendly

TorGuard VPN is based in the US – one of the founders of the Five Eyes global surveillance alliance. This is a red flag for anyone using a VPN for situations that require an extremely high level of online privacy, such as political activism and investigative journalism.

If you are an activist or have been tagged as an “enemy of the state” and currently use a certain VPN service, it is very easy for law enforcement to ask the VPN provider for data or logs related to your online activity.

Fortunately, TorGuard VPN is as serious about anonymizing your information as it is about its online security features. Thanks to their strict no-logs policy, TorGuard VPN will not share any data with the authorities even under duress.

That said, if you are a journalist, activist or any intelligence alliance, TorGuard VPN will be your best bet.

Special Features

Automatic shut-off switch (Kill Switch)

TorGuard VPN provides a reliable internet auto-off switch. This switch will ensure that none of your sensitive information is leaked in the event your VPN connection drops.

I tested TorGuard VPN’s auto-disconnect switch on the Windows app and it didn’t disappoint me at all. This feature instantly disconnects my network every time I disconnect TorGuard VPN.

No IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks

TorGuard VPN provides effective IP, DNS and WebRTC leak protection. I tested it with the IPleak.net tool and didn’t find any leaks.


What platforms does Torguard support?

Supported Platforms

TorGuard VPN Desktop App: Windows, macOS and Linux

Installing TorGuard VPN is very simple. It will provide tons of settings and options for you to adjust accordingly:

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Besides, there are other Settings section for your reference and help yourself with dozens of settings and options like:

860OI NxKpX2RhYnkRRtsSsbsPWuHIJcs8yA0E4i8kaId 26LNeQNrnF ajVn7 iQcAJ w5TRba1a1r2kb04su3vrWS93 NUuh r7SAmZNFCVNCu0HVSxmPIKJd NP 3m2inCQn

TorGuard VPN’s macOS app is just as secure as the Windows version. I have to boldly applaud TorGuard VPN at this point, because macOS apps aren’t really popular in the VPN industry. Some other VPN providers have releases but are less secure than their PC counterparts.

TorGuard VPN also has an app for Linux, a really rare one. Although it has to be set up manually, you get a fully functional version and the OpenVPN protocol.

TorGuard Mobile App: Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The Android app for TorGuard VPN has almost as many features as the desktop versions including split tunneling, IPv6 leak protection, LAN bypass and many more. This is a plus for TorGuard VPN in terms of cross-platform support.

Unfortunately, the TorGuard VPN service applied to the iOS app is rather lackluster. While it still guarantees you full tunneling protocols, there is no automatic switch to protect your data when disconnected from the Internet.

torguard vpn
TorGuard VPN is compatible with most internet-enabled devices

You can get the TorGuard Android app from Google Play or download it directly as an APK package file from TorGuard.net, while the iOS app is available on the App Store.

TorGuard VPN Chrome and Firefox Browser Extension

TorGuard VPN offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. These are by no means fully powered apps and are just plain SSL proxy extensions. However, they still have some useful features.

First of all, the TorGuard VPN browser add-ons let you choose from several ports with over 50 countries available for desktop and mobile.

Most importantly, the TorGuard VPN browser extension for Firefox and Chrome blocks WebRTC requests, trackers, and ads.

Other Platforms for TorGuard VPN

TorGuard VPN also offers pre-installed flash routers, as well as support for installing its software. This means you can buy a router directly from TorGuard VPN and have your entire network protected without having to install software yourself.

This router is pretty important because without it you might miss out on apps for Apple TV or game consoles and you’ll have to configure it manually.


Is TorGuard VPN good for streaming?

Support streaming


You can use TorGuard VPN for Netflix but not for all regions and on all servers. Therefore, I cannot recommend this VPN to streaming enthusiasts.

However, you can connect to Netflix by purchasing a dedicated IP address, although that won’t be cheap.

For $7.99 per month, you can access all of your favorite streaming services in the US, including Netflix. And if you need another IP in another country, consider choosing Streaming Plan for $21.98 per month, which will include Proxy, VPN, Email and two streaming IPs in US, UK United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and Spain.

When it comes to other streaming platforms, TorGuard VPN works well with a handful of platforms like Hulu, NBC, and Comedy Central.

TorGuard and Kodi

TorGuard VPN is not among the Best VPN for Kodi. However, it’s not that bad either. With this provider, you get military-grade encryption, the fast WireGuard protocol, leak protection, and an auto-switch for safety.

What’s more, you’ll be able to stream on multiple devices thanks to the service’s permission for 8 simultaneous connections.

Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV

I do not recommend using TorGuard VPN with your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV. Because you will have a hard time streaming Netflix and other platforms unless you get a dedicated IP.

And even if you decide to buy an IP, it’s only available to certain countries. So it will be the case that if you pay $7.99/month for a dedicated US IP, you will still not be able to access BBC iPlayer.

However, if you still want to use this VPN, here’s how to install Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV on TorGuard VPN:

  1. Get a TorGuard account
  2. On your Amazon device, select search for TorGuard VPN
  3. Download TorGuard VPN for Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick
  4. Open the app and start streaming

Stream with Twitch

TorGuard VPN is a good solution for Twitch because of its fast speed and extensive server list. If you use the WireGuard tunneling protocol, you must ensure that the server distance is kept to a minimum for fast speeds.

Alternately you can buy a DDoS protected IP for $7.99/month which will give you more comfort. Unfortunately, it only works with the OpenVPN protocol.


Does TorGuard VPN support torrenting?

Support torrenting

Torrent is one of the special file types and is used by many people. Usually will appear in the P2P file sharing system (a peer to peer or people to people system). Peer-to-peer sharing between multiple users. It is a pleasure to inform you that TorGuard VPN is one of the best VPN for torrenting.

TorGuard VPN also has great security features, including military-grade encryption, and a function switch that also works at the application level. It also has a no-logs policy, which is important if torrenting is illegal in your country.

Because the service has full-speed apps and security features to compete with industry giants (such as NordVPN). It’s easy for me to recommend TorGuard VPN for torrenting.


Customer care

Customer support

TorGuard VPN offers the following customer support options:

  • Live chat
  • Toll-free 24/7 phone line (US only)
  • Email
  • Community forum
  • Frequently asked questions

As you can see, TorGuard VPN has a lot of methods to make customer support faster and more efficient, but they all have to be communicated during their business hours. You can contact live chat support on the website by clicking the “Chat” button on the screen.

Only the phone line is available 24/7 and is for the US market only.

If you already have a TorGuard VPN account, you can also submit a support ticket. Click the “Submit Ticket” link in the Support/Help section at the bottom of the page and you will have an answer within an hour.


Should you use TorGuard VPN?


I recommend the TorGuard VPN service for those who primarily need a VPN for secure torrenting. Thanks to the WireGuard protocol, the service is extremely fast and will help you download large files in no time.

Having said that, TorGuard VPN has all the security and privacy features you need. But if you like streaming, better look elsewhere.

TorGuard VPN supports all platforms and most of them are full of features. However, the interface can be daunting for first-time users. But if you need help, you can contact customer support with their live chat service during business hours.

In short, TorGuard is a good VPN service and reasonable price . If you can overlook its shortcomings, it’s also a useful service and worth using.



TorGuard VPN FAQs

#1. Does TorGuard VPN work in China?

Yes, TorGuard VPN can work in China.
This VPN used to have servers in China to help local users access blocked content. However, they had to remove these local servers earlier this year as it became more and more difficult to maintain user privacy.
However, in fact, you can still use TorGuard VPN with Stealth VPN support through the servers of Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Male.
If you are planning to travel to China or are staying there, their website will also provide useful information on how to connect to a TorGuard VPN in China for you.

#2. Is TorGuard a good VPN?

TorGuard is a good VPN. However, it’s not for everyone. If your main concern is safe torrenting, then TorGuard VPN is a great choice. But if you like streaming, there are better options for you.

#3. How to install TorGuard VPN on Fire Stick?

Installing TorGuard VPN on FireStick or Fire TV is easy. All you have to do is download the app on your Amazon device and follow the service’s automated instructions step-by-step.

#4. Is TorGuard VPN Free?

No, TorGuard does not have a free version. However, it comes with a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

#5. How much does TorGuard VPN cost?

TorGuard is a reasonably priced VPN. Prices start at $4.17/month

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