The best Fake IP extensions on Chrome

Fake IP extension on Chrome currently has a lot of different software, including free and paid. However, you should consider software that ensures secure, fast access speed and covers many servers globally so that your Chrome network access is always smooth and safe. Here are the 3 best fake IP extensions on Chrome that you should know.

fake IP extension on chrome

What is a Fake IP extension on Chrome?

Fake IP is the operation of concealing the user’s computer’s IP with a different IP address. Currently, network users have used Fake IPs when accessing all web browsers to ensure absolute safety for themselves against hackers and bad sectors.

Like other web browsers, Chrome is in common use globally and we need Fake IP Chrome to access some of the blocked websites as well as keep your browsing confidential on Chrome.

Accordingly, the phrase Fake IP Chrome is the implementation of changing the IP of the user when accessing the internet using the Chrome browser.

The Advantages of Fake IP Extension on Chrome

Fake IP extension on Chrome There are many benefits. Including:

  • You will be guaranteed the confidentiality of your Chrome access by changing your IP for anonymous access, avoiding being collected by others’ information as well as data that you are surfing the web. For politicians or celebrities, the Fake IP extension on Chrome is very beneficial.
  • Fake IP Chrome also helps users increase security when surfing the web, and avoid being snooped by hackers.
  • Fake IP extension on Chrome also helps you to access blocked websites in Chrome.

The best Fake IP extensions on Chrome

Currently, the software is used to Fake IP extensions on Chrome There are many types, including free and paid. However, you should prioritize the software that is used by most people, has a wide bandwidth, has many servers, and ensures high safety. Here are 3 software Fake IP Chrome are highly appreciated that users should know:

Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a free VPN service that allows users to use the best, fastest, fastest Fake IP Chrome and is 100% free. In addition, Touch VPN also has a friendly interface, easy to install, and is easy to use without requiring an account or login. Just download Touch VPN and select Connect and your IP address will be changed. Currently, this software has nearly 3 million users.

fake IP extension on chrome touch vpn
Free Touch VPN allows users the best Fake IP Chrome

Hotspot Shield

Among the top 3 best Fake IP extension software on Chrome that users should know is Hotspot Shield. Currently, this software has more than 3 million users allowing you to hide your IP address and access blocked websites. In addition, Hotspot Shield also has the ability to block ads, block malware, and block tracking … In addition to being compatible with Chrome, Hotspot Shield is also used in many other browsers and platforms such as Android, and iOS. , MacOS, Opera …

fake IP extension on chrome hotspot shield
Hotspot Shield is capable of blocking ads effectively


SetupVPN is also software that allows users to Fake IP Chrome the best. Accordingly, SetupVPN has more than 100 servers worldwide, good bandwidth, military-grade encryption, and free installation, it allows users to easily hide IP to access any blocked website. on the Chrome browser. Just download, install, register for an account, and connect and you’re ready to use SetupVPN.

fake IP chrome setupvpn
SetupVPN Free has more than 100 servers worldwide

Above are the 3 best Fake IP extensions on Chrome that users should know to install and use on their Chrome browser to ensure safety while surfing the web. Currently, Chrome is the most popular web browser, the easiest to use, and the most used by many people. So, protect yourself against hackers and malware attacks when using Chrome.

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