Guide to tracking your browsing history over wifi

Tracking the browsing history over wifi will help users control the number of people using the home wifi network to easily control the network speed and safety when using the internet. Having too many people logged on to the same wifi will cause a slow, congested network. Here are ways to help you manage this. Let’s find out through the article below.

theo doi lich su duyet web qua wifi
Tracking your browsing history over wifi helps to better manage your internet usage

Why is it necessary to track the web browsing history over wifi?

Wifi is an internet wave that helps users to access their phones, laptops, and tablets… to watch movies, listen to music, and surf the web to serve their spiritual and work life. With home wifi, you will be used with maximum speed to ensure fast web surfing. However, suddenly one day your wifi is weak, and jerky and lag are caused by many people using it because you accidentally “revealed” your wifi password. To know who is using your wifi, you need to according to the Track browsing history over wifi, ie review your wifi access history.

lich su duyet web qua wifi
Track your browsing history over wifi with your wifi admin rights

Your work Track browsing history over wifi will help you control the number of people connected to your wifi to use. If you are an unrelated person, you should block them out of your wifi by changing the wifi password. This action will help you ensure the speed of your network transmission and ensure the safety of your internet access.

Guide to tracking browsing history over wifi

According to the Track browsing history over wifi, the user should proceed with the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Log in to the wifi admin page that you registered with your carrier. It is the wifi name, IP address, and password.
  • Step 2: Go to DHCP settings to see who is using your wifi. If you want to see if they use it or not, go to their IP to check. In the attached devices section, you will see a list of wifi users using your wifi. If you see someone who is not relevant, you will block them or block them.
  • Step 3: You go to the Connected not spoofing any IP section and then tick ARP Spoofing to see the web history that this person uses.
theo doi lich su duyet web
You can track the browsing history of all users sharing wifi with you

Hopefully, the above article on wifi browsing history guide has helped you learn from the experience to control your home’s wifi broadcast speed and prevent those who use wifi. The wifi control is performed in less than a minute. Hope you are successful.

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