How to access YouTube when blocked

YouTube is the largest video library on the internet with more than 1 billion live streams every day. But unfortunately, YouTube is sometimes blocked from being able to watch your favorite videos. There are many reasons behind YouTube being unavailable, and there are also ways to unblock YouTube and watch the video you want.

The reasons YouTube is blocked

If the message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” appears on the screen, it means the video owner has not granted viewing permission to your country. In case you see the words “This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age” means that YouTube requires you to log in to view the video.

youtube bi chan
The YouTube video is blocked because it doesn’t grant viewing permission to your country

Usually, there are 2 main reasons YouTube is blocked:

Firstly, some offices or schools block YouTube videos because they want students to focus on learning and employees to focus on working to increase productivity. This is really frustrating because music videos can be useful if you have to study or work all day. The good news is with errors YouTube is blocked This is an extremely simple fix.

The second reason, YouTube is blocked by the Governments of several countries. China, North Korea, and Iran, for example, block YouTube altogether. YouTube is blocked In this case, it is more difficult to overcome, but it is not impossible. If you want into youtube China without worrying about being blocked, see more here.

3 most reliable ways to access when YouTube is blocked

If you are inhibited because YouTube is blocked then you can immediately try one of the 5 most effective ways to unblock YouTube below!

Method 1: Using a VPN

Using VPN to access when YouTube is blocked is arguably the best though YouTube is blocked in any case. VPNs can help unblock YouTube around the world, anonymously access your traffic, & encrypt your traffic so it won’t be controlled by the government.

vpn vao youtube bi chan
VPNs can help unblock YouTube anywhere in the world

Some VPNs are free in the market but they are not quite complete, you should use a premium plan. Some of the VPN software you can use well to mention are NordVPN and Hotspot Shield.

How to unblock YouTube using VPN:

  • Step 1: Connect to your VPN.
  • Step 2: Choose a server near your location.
  • Step 3: After accessing the VPN successfully, you can watch all YouTube videos without worrying about being blocked.

Method 2: Change the URL of the YouTube video

Just changing the URL of the YouTube video in the browser address bar is enough for you to watch the video YouTube is blocked without login or proxy.

For example, A YouTube video link looks like You change the word “Watch? V =” Fort “V /” or “Embed /”. You will then have the URL format or Now feel free to watch the video you want.

Method 3: Access to Youtube is blocked by the proxy website

Proxy is a special server, when you connect to it your entire browser history will go through the server, so your address can change, and can watch every video you want.

unlock youtube bi chan is a free proxy website to help you unblock YouTube

There are a number of free proxy websites online that can help you unblock YouTube. Such as Unlock YouTube or Prox Free. You just need to go to sites like good and type the URL of the blocked video in the box and click Go.

Note: Free proxies can hide spyware to collect your data and sell it to advertisers for a profit. So if you don’t want to share a lot of information, you can manually set up a proxy manually in your browser to access when YouTube is blocked safer.

Hope some way to counter YouTube is blocked Above will help you to successfully unlock all videos in the world.

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