The simple steps to enter youtube China

Chinese Youtube, it’s weird, because Youtube is the world not only in China, but it’s hard to understand that in China you cannot break into Youtube. It is related to cybersecurity and politics in China. In this article, we will show you simple steps to get into youtube China.

A lot of services are blocked in China, not just YouTube

There is a long list of social networks blocked in China, which also means that, when you live or travel in China, all information about the world out there will be halted, are you like prehistoric man

youtube trung quoc bi chan 1
Youtube is one of the blocked services in China

A lot of services are blocked in China including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Flickr, BBC, The Wall Street Journal …

However, the saying goes also to say again. Although China blocks all major social networks from connecting to the whole world, China still creates its own major social networks, where only Chinese people can talk to each other every day. Specifically, Facebook here is replaced with Weibo or Renren, Google will be replaced with Baidu, and Gmail is replaced with QQ. The Chinese are intelligent people because they will somehow build their own compatible software to use, not prehistoric people as we imagine.

To be able to unblock Youtube in China It is important that you deceive China’s Great Firewall. However, this is not easy when it is considered a firewall with the most powerful “qigong” in the world.

vao youtube trung quoc
Use a VPN service to access the Chinese Youtube website

So, the easiest way to get to the site Youtube China is, you must use VPN services. Through the encryption of data, it will remove China’s firewall and help you get into Youtube.

Simple steps to enter youtube China

To access Chinese YouTube, you need to install VPN. Currently, there are many VPNs in the world to choose from.


Powered by the Panama company, NordVPN is a powerful symbol of VPNs around the world. With over 4600 servers located in 46 countries and territories specifically designed for torrenting, NordVPN is the cleanest, cleanest server you can choose from. Youtube China.

In terms of security, NordVPN has military-grade information security, and is supervised by a 14-eye alliance, so it is always a VPN that many people trust.

youtube trung quoc nordvpn
NordVPN is the first choice to bypass the Great Firewall

Once Nordvpn has been downloaded, install it on your phone or computer for easy access. Youtube China.


Another VPN that many people are interested in is ExpressVPN. This is a very good card that makes it easy to enter Youtube China because it is capable of circumventing geoblocks, and even breaking the Chinese firewall.

Speaking of security, it is internationally standardized by 256-bit AES, combined with 256-bit AES encryption with a 4096-bit RSA key, which allows user information to be leak-free and especially. does not back up the user’s logs on the Internet.

Thus, only the simple steps are to install a VPN that you can get on Youtube China simply.

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