Guide to Fake IP by Chinese VPN?

China VPN is a software that helps users access Chinese websites that have been blocked by this country in many countries around the world. As we know, China is the country with the most stringent internet controls in the world and is working to crack down on unauthorized VPN services. In Vietnam, if you want to access a Chinese website that has been blocked, choose The best free VPN and find a way to Fake the IP simply. So how to Fake IP to China? Let’s find out through the article below.

fake ip
Fake IP using Chinese VPN to access the websites of this country

What is Fake IP?

Fake IP is a familiar phrase, belonging to the IT industry, referring to connecting to any website via a Proxy server. Fake IP will help users hide the real IP address of the computer they use to log in and replace it with a range of virtual IP addresses to avoid being detected by others.

Your Fake IP will help you pass a firewall to access blocked websites in Vietnam. Besides, Fake IP is IP to foreign countries such as the UK, France, China, and America. At the same time, it also uses virtual IP addresses to surf the web to avoid hackers.

How to Fake IP using a Chinese VPN

China is known to have the most stringent internet controls in the world. Accordingly, they blocked foreign websites with reactionary content, blocked social networks Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and many other applications. In addition, they also block their own country’s websites from being viewed by people in other countries.

Currently, Vietnamese people have many favorite Chinese websites, which are movies, videos, and music. However, it was blocked by the Chinese government. The way for Vietnamese to still access these websites is to use them Chinese VPN Free and find a way to Fake IP them.

The way Fake IP to China is as follows:

Use software Fake IP OpenVPN. OpenVPN is a software that helps to access blocked websites in China and many other countries, in addition to helping users hide the IP address of the computer to ensure more confidential access.

Way Fake IP to China by OpenVPN as follows:

  • Step 1: Please download and install OpenVPN on your computer.
fake ip sang trung quoc openvpn
  • Step 3: Click download the OpenVPN Config file with UDP 1194 extension to your computer.
fake ip tq openvpn 1
  • Step 4: Click on the icon of the downloaded OpenVPN and start with Run as administrator. The software will be run on the right side of the computer, click OpenVPN and then select Import file.
fake ip sang tq openvpn
  • Step 5: Find the path to the downloaded config file and click on the file and select Open.
  • Step 6: Choose OpenVPN and click Connect. At this point, the software will automatically connect Fake IP to China for you.
fake ip openvpn

Currently, using the software Fake IP OpenVPN is the optimal choice for those who use the internet in Vietnam to access blocked Chinese websites.

The above is a Fake IP way to China that you should know to access your computer to ensure absolute safety while playing your favorite programs. Hope you will quickly Fake your IP to use and access services from China – one of the countries with the most stringent internet control globally.

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