The simplest way to bypass the firewall is with a VPN when blocked

How to bypass the firewall is the fastest way to get to the websites you love but are unfortunately blocked. Currently, in Vietnam, a number of websites have been blocked, causing difficulties for visitors. Hopefully, the article below will help you bypass the firewall when blocked by VPN is the simplest and most effective.

cach vuot tuong lua
The fastest way to bypass the firewall

What is a firewall bypass?

Currently, network operators in Vietnam have blocked many websites, making it impossible for internet users to access them. However, visitors still want to access that website to find the information they need. The only way left is to find how to get around the firewall to access the blocked website.

The phrase “bypass the firewall” is a familiar phrase in the IT field, which means finding all the tricks to access a blocked website. Many users now use free or paid proxies to bypass firewalls or use a free or paid Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

You can immediately download Hola browser with built-in Hola VPN to bypass the firewall.

Why is circumvention related to a VPN?

Virtual Private Network is abbreviated as VPN, this is a form virtual private network connect securely when you join a public internet or a private network from a network provider. A VPN allows users to set up a virtual private network with another network on the Internet and from there you are used to access blocked websites.

vuot tuong lua
Use VPN virtual private network to bypass firewalls

Because of its outstanding feature of creating a separate, highly secure environment and accessing blocked websites, many people use VPNs to circumvent the firewall. This is also the most optimal choice currently in Vietnam.

Currently, VPNs come in many types, including free and paid. Depending on your preferences and abilities, you choose the most suitable VPN plan. Mostly to save money, Vietnamese people used the package Free VPN. You can read more articles Top 10 best VPNs globally in 2022 to see which premium VPN services are right for you.

The simplest way to bypass the firewall when blocked with a VPN

To get to blocked websites, users must know how to get around the firewall in how many different ways. Using VPN is becoming more and more popular because of its efficiency, fast, and ease. The simple steps are as follows:

Step 1: First, you must choose the right VPN. Currently, there are two most used types: NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Step 2: The user proceeds to register a VPN service by creating a service registration account. After registration is complete, you will receive the server address, password, username, and much other information to serve the connection.

Step 3: You proceed to open the Settings (Settings) of the VPN on your computer or phone to proceed with the installation step.

  • On a computer with the Windows operating system: Open Start, then select Settings, select Network & Internet, select the VPN tab, and then click Add a VPN connection.
  • On the tablet: Click the Apple menu, then select System Preferences …, select Network, click + in the lower left corner, then select Interface. and click on VPN.
  • On iOS phones: Open Settings, select General, select VPN and then click Add VPN Configuration…
  • On an Android phone: Open Settings, select More under “Wireless & networks”, then select VPN and select + or add VPN.

Uncover how to bypass the BBC firewall using a VPN

In Vietnam, some websites with sensitive content, not suitable for Vietnamese culture, will be regularly included in the block list. In which, foreign speech newspapers or websites that are black, pornographic, and pornographic.

The BBC is blocked The reason for the operators in Vietnam is also one of the above reasons. However, many users love reading the information in this newspaper so they find a way to overcome the fire to entertain with conflicting information on this website.

The following is how to get around the BBC firewall is that you should know:

Step 1: Download the Opera browser to your computer and then install Opera browser.

vuot tuong lua bbc
Select Settings in the Menu window of the browser

Step 2: Configure Opera browser by going to Menu, choosing Settings, and clicking Privacy & Security. VPN, you turn on the VPN by Enabling VPN.

cach vuot tuong lua bbc
The settings interface of the Opera browser

Step 3: If you want to limit the area of the VPN, scroll down and select “Virtuous locations” and choose any area.

With only 3 steps above, you can see the BBC page without worrying about being blocked.

vuot tuong lua bao bbc
Select Enable VPN to connect to blocked websites

Above is the easiest way to bypass the firewall when blocked by VPN that users should know to easily access the blocked websites you want. Hope you will have smooth, efficient web access and no longer fear of unexpected blocking. Wish you successful circumvention.

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