3 best free VPNs for iPhones

There are many applications for VPN on iPhone It’s free but you should choose the best VPN for your phone to keep you safe while accessing the network. Instead of choosing completely free applications, you should consider paid application packages to bring the safety of the iPhone to the highest level. Let’s learn 3 applications of The best free VPN for iPhone via the article below.

vpn iphone
VPN will keep your iPhone safe while accessing the network

Yoga VPN – the best free VPN for iPhone

Yoga VPN is an application VPN iPhone best used by many people today. Yoga VPN is completely free and has no bandwidth limit. Besides, the application also has a beautiful, friendly, and easy-to-use interface.

vpn iphone yoga vpn
Yoga VPN has a stable speed, surfing the web very quickly

The advantage of Yoga VPN is that you just need to download the app to your phone and press the connect button to finish without having to register any information. In addition, Yoga VPN also has stable speed, fast web surfing, good access, blocking malware, and bypassing firewalls to watch some movie websites such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO … posts The best VPNs watch Netflix on my website, friend.

Currently, Yoga VPN has servers in countries such as India, Australia, the USA, Germany, and Japan… for users to choose from. You can download Yoga VPN here, or go to the App Store on your iPhone.


Located in 3 applications The best VPN for iPhone which you should not ignore is X-VPN. This is an unlimited free VPN popularly used on iPhones.

vpn iphone x vpn
X-VPN has many advantages that will definitely make you love

X-VPN has many advantages that make users love it, including more than 8,000 servers worldwide, each with support for up to 5 devices, helping you access the network quickly, easily, and “mobile phone. “Will bypass the firewall to get into blocked websites and remove malware from accessing the phone while surfing the web. In addition, X-VPN also has a simple interface, easy to use without users needing to register an account.

With X-VPN, users can also download torrents and stream videos, this application includes both free and free versions. The premium board will allow you to speed up your web surfing more quickly. You can download it directly at the website https://xvpn.io/ or download it from App Store with the keyword X-VPN.


Betternet is also an application VPN iPhone best used by many people today. Betternet also has many outstanding advantages, including a free and unlimited application on iOS. Betternet has a fast transfer speed, automatically connecting to the servers closest to them.

vpn iphone betternet
Installing Betternet VPN for iPhone will keep your information secure

When installing Betternet on the phone, users will have absolute security, and prevent malware from entering and accessing blocked websites. With Betternet, users can watch Netflix, surf Facebook, and watch YouTube at high speed without worrying about losing security.

Betternet has another outstanding advantage of its user-friendly interface, simple, and easy to use and users just need to download the app without having to register account information or provide credit card information. The user’s task is to click connect for the app to work on your iPhone.

If you want your “mobile phone” to be more secure, you should use the paid Betternet application with a premium plan of about $ 12.99 / month. With this package, you can surf the web at high speed, download torrents, and watch HD movies in high definition. You can go to the App Store to search with the keyword Betternet VPN to download and install this app on your iPhone.

Above are the 3 best iPhone VPN applications that you should know to protect your phone in the safest way when accessing the network. Hope you will surf the web free to serve your work and entertainment needs without any worries.

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