What should you do when Torviet collapsed?

Torviet collapse is a great pain for many people, so far, finding information about Torviet on social networks is very rare. If you are also a fan of the Torviet then surely if the Torviet collapses you will not avoid panic. What should you do when the Torviet collapses?

Understanding of torviet

Around July 2019, Torviet files will turn red. People thought it might be the tracker malfunctioning, and many thought it might be back. However, it took a while, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and then, then … the torviet officially collapsed.

11 years, a very long way from 2008 to 2019, torviet collapsed causing great confusion for many people.

torviet sap nam 2019
Torviet is the first tracker for users to practice torrenting

The story of Torviet started in 2007 when BitVN.net was born, this was also the first tracker of Vietnam. In 2008, Viettorrent.org was born, then changed its name to NetHD.org, until 11.2008, HDVNBits.org was born. After many years of ups and downs, the name changed and finally became torviet.

Torviet is known as the largest torrent website in Vietnam, as of 2019, there are a lot of internet users in Vietnam as well as in the world accessing torviet to use the great features. that torrent files bring.

Torviet is the first tracker for users to practice torrenting like downloading, and seeding effectively, thanks to torviet, you will save big money and can watch channels even blocked in some countries. countries and territories. Hitherto, torviet collapse is official information, no longer speculation as people think.

What should you do when the torviet collapsed?

In the old days of torviet, network users now have more choices, but the most preferred option is to use the VPN To be able to access other torrent file-sharing sites around the world that are most famous for The Pirate Bay to replace torviet. This is arguably the largest torrent file-sharing website in the world.

torviet sap
Use major torrent sites around the world instead of Torviet

The VPN will assist users to comfortably torrent, surf the web, go online, play games, and watch movies at high speed, smoothly and stable. In particular, when using a VPN, you are also protected by your identity, by military-grade security, AES encryption reaching 256 bits, so users can completely feel secure using these services. Support by multiple protocols that work together on programs such as Windows, MAC, IOS, and Amazon Prime allows users to have a variety of choices.

Currently, there are many VPNs in the world for you to use, the VPNs most chosen by many people can be mentioned as Nordvpn, ExpressVPN, and SurfsharkVPN. These are the 3 VPNs with stable connections, good prices, and the most chosen by Vietnamese people. These VPN services are all committed to protecting users while they are torrenting. This is also what a lot of torrent users need, it’s privacy and confidentiality.

Don’t be sad torviet collapsed Also, we still have better alternatives thanks to the emergence of VPNs around the world. By using a VPN You can connect to anything in the world from anywhere, ensuring absolute personal information security.

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