What is the NFL: All you need to know about the NFL

Have you ever wondered what the NFL is? What made the NFL so famous around the world? NFL, also known as the National Football League, is the National Football League for men. The NFL tournament has a long history of 100 years and has 32 teams participating in the competition. The attractiveness of the NFL is considered more than football and on par with basketball in many European and American countries. Let’s learn about the NFL through the article below.

What is NFL? This is the National American Football Championship for men
The NFL is the National American Football Championship for men

What is NFL?

NFL is an acronym for the term National Football League, which is a sports tournament called the American National Football League for men held in the first season in 1920. The NFL has 32 participating teams, each team registered 44 players to play all matches in the tournament, in addition, there are 8 players to be substituted.

Let participating teams play the prize NFL The organizers must prepare:

  • Playground: The playground of American National Rugby is 91.44 meters long and is divided into 20 sections, each 4.57 meters long and marked by 19 horizontal white lines on the field. Between the long lines are four rows of short lines, each row of 4 lines approximately 1 m apart. The last section at each end of the field is called a 9,1 m goal line, usually with a diagonal red stripe separated by a long white line called the goal line. At the end of the restricted area is a final line followed by a 10-foot pole, a crossbar 18 feet 6 inches long, and at the ends of the crossbar two vertical bars 30 feet high. From the penalty line, every 10 yards, the yard will be marked with a number 10, 20, 30, and 40 until the center of the field is 50. After this level, the court is marked back 40, 30, 20, and 10 until the other party’s restricted area.
  • Ball: In NFL, the ball must be made of leather, an inflatable oval shape weighing between 400 grams and 430 grams. Before the game, the ball is waxed and sprayed against moisture to increase adhesion on the field.
bong nfl
The NFL football ball has an oval shape and weighs 400 – 430 grams
  • Helmet: This hat is made from a lightweight synthetic plastic shell, lined with a foam pad or inflatable pad to protect the player’s head during the game. The hat also has a steel mask to protect the face, 2 jaw plates on each side to protect the jaws, ear vents, a chin strap, and anti-glare polycarbonate cladding glass. To distinguish teams, helmets are often decorated with team logos, patterns, stripes, or numbers.
  • Protective armor and competition outfit: When participating in the US National Football Championship, players are armored with the outside of the desiccant underwear and underneath the jersey to help protect the player from injury. The protective armor is made up of a hard plastic outer layer and thick cushioning for ventilation inside. The armor pieces around the player’s shoulders, chest, and back are fastened by a plastic belt around the ribs. Meanwhile, the kit is worn close to the protective layer, including 1 jersey and 1 pants. The jersey has a shirt number on the chest, back, and shoulder area; The name of the team or the city name is usually written on the chest, the shoulder is attached with the team logo or color stripes and the player’s name is printed on the upper back area. The pants are made of durable, body-fitting wear, with inner pockets to cram the thighs and hips.

The one-team squad of the NFL tournament when playing a large number of up to 40-50 people and divided into 3 teams:

  • Attack team
  • Defense team
  • Mixed team or special team.
bong bau duc my
The starting line-up of 2 NFL teams is up to 11 people per team

Each team can only have a maximum of 11 people on the field. Players are classified as defensive or attacking players and may play for only one of the two attacking or defending teams. Both offensive and defensive players both play for the mixed team in necessary situations.

NFL rules are as follows:

The attacking team has played 4 times and is trying to get the ball 10 yards forward (per yard = 0.91 m). If after 4 plays but fail to reach 10 yards, the ball must be handed over to the other team. And your team will replace all defensive players, and replace 11 attacking players, and your team does the opposite, replacing all 11 attacking players with 11 defensive players. If there are 10 yards or more in those 4 plays, there will be 4 more plays. Just like that, if the attacking team gets the ball to the opponent’s bottom line, it gets 6 points – called a “Touch Down” ball.

After each score, 7 points (Touch down) and 3 points (Field goal), the ball must be returned to your team, by kicking the ball from the center of the field towards the other team’s field. And it’s your team’s turn to attack, and your team to defend.

Things to know about the NFL

Rugby is a team sport that is breathtakingly competitive. Therefore, NFL is loved by many people. The NFL’s gameplay is not too complicated, but players need to know a few things below:

giai nfl
The NFL players played very fiercely
  • When entering the field, players from both teams line up at the take-off point and put their heads together. All two-team players cannot cross the starting line of the opposing team’s section.
  • The ball emitted to the attacking team must be passed to the passing player.
  • When defending, the defensive team can use any way to attack and bring the ball forward such as hugging, pulling a shirt, holding hands, or objects, or rushing in. However, do not block the person with the foot and punch the person holding the ball
  • When attacking, the player passes the volleyball to the wrong address and goes to the opposing team called Turn Over. Now the attack power will be immediately exchanged for the selling team without the need for four plays.

Above is the information you need to know about the NFL US National Rugby. Hope you have seen the fascinating appeal of this sport to understand why in America the NFL is more desirable than the World Cup. Currently, the NFL tournament has two major tournaments that are the professional NFL (National Football League) and the amateur league (College Football) of the universities competing against each other.

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