What is ICO? 7 things you need to know

What is ICO? and Did you know 7 things about ICO? Ico is abbreviated as Initial Coin Offering, this is a form of calling for investment in crypto projects in the country and around the world. Oftentimes, startups will use this approach to be able to raise business capital when they have too little or want to boost their investment projects. However, not everyone can ICO because there must be the most potential projects to call for investment capital. Join us to learn about ICOs through this article.

What is ICO?

What is Ico? Ico is a form of capital mobilization in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry through the sale of tokens, usually BTC or ETH.

What is an ICO
ICO is a form of capital mobilization

When conducting a Crowdsale sale of a project, companies will issue tokens to offer to investors, in exchange for Bitcoin, ETH, or cash. If the company receives investment in product development, the investors who participate will receive tokens.

Who can participate in ICO investment?

Ico investment is not for everyone, there are people who can invest, and there are people who are not suitable to support. So can you join ICO investment or not?

ico lam gi
Anyone can participate in the ICO

We would like to give some of our own observations about this market. For the most part, the people participating in ICO investment are those who believe in the Bitcoin currency and the cryptocurrency market, you dare to accept the risks that may occur in the near future, in the investment process you have to be patient and you are an avid learner, willing to improve your knowledge, the investment in ICO is for you.

Is Ico legal?

Currently, there is no clear legal framework related to ICO, however, ICO allows startups to avoid regulations that require strict scrutiny. So, if ICO is legal or not, our answer is yes.

However, it also depends on each project and each country of implementation. There are a number of areas that prohibit the activities of ICO, such as China and Korea. However, when they came to the United States, the way they treated Ico was completely different from those of other countries.


This is a pretty potential investment for participants, ICO gives us the opportunity to own the latest cryptocurrencies with extremely low fees.

ico gom nhung gi
ICOs offer a lot of advantages for investors

In terms of profits, it can be said that ICO brings high profits, many times higher than the initial capital spent. On the other hand, the security and utility capacity of ICO is very great, so the people participating in ICO will be protected in their interests.


There is nothing risk-free, especially for ICO, when the legal status is not high when participating, players are not verified and their interests are not protected. The activity part is sometimes risky without the support staff behind, and there are times when you come across some money scams on ICO.

Development groups of ico

Having joined ICO, you need to know its growing groups.

  • Ico Ethereum.Ethereum (ETH): Currently, ETH is priced at around 2000 USD with a trading volume of 11 billion USD / 24h, so to know, this is currently the most popular ICO platform and is most interested in many when participating in ICO investment.
  • Ico Bitcoin: Currently, 1BTC is priced at ~ 19.265 USD, Bitcoin does not allow smart operations that can handle ICOs, so this is the next working group with ETH. The price of 1 BTC has been skyrocketing recently.
  • Ico Ripple: With a market cap of $ 8 billion, 1XRP is currently priced at 0.5803 USD.

How to distinguish fraudulent ICO groups

Besides the official groups above, there still appear scam ICO groups, to know if you have been scammed or not, please judge through the following points:

  • Ico groups do not publicize the group
  • Groups do not have a clear roadmap, all projects are hidden, then indeed these are ghost ICO groups, you should not invest in.
  • Too-good offers are also the embodiment of scam ICO groups
  • Code is one of the most reliable things for you to participate in ICOs, if a project has clear code then this is a reliable project, but if there is no code, it means no project. , and you will likely be cheated on money.
  • In addition, ICO projects with strong communication activities, rely on many qualified marketing experts, this is definitely a good, active ICO project, you should join, on the contrary, if you keep hiding it, It’s not clear that it is the ICO ghost project.

Hopefully, with 7 important things as above you have understood What is ICO? And have the right intentions when investing in ICO. See more articles about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at the VPNchecked website guys!

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