Instructions to get the free ExpressVPN key

Key ExpressVPN is the HOT keyword on Google today. ExpressVPN is one of the very good software that allows you to comfortably surf the web safely, avoiding the tracking of other people. So what is ExpressVPN? How to get a free ExpressVPN key? Join us to carefully follow this article.

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a professional computer VPN fake IP service and is rated as the best software available today. ExpressVPN software is integrated with many special features and has a fairly easy-to-use interface, bringing convenience to users. The world voted ExpressVPN in the Top 1 VPN service. Compared with other software, ExpressVPN allows you to access any media, audio, video without restriction. ExpressVPN is optimized and improved with infinite bandwidth so users can comfortably use.

ExpressVPN is a famous fake ip application in the world

Why should you choose ExpressVPN software?

So far, ExpressVPN’s network has coverage in 87 countries with more than 136 active servers. This software brings many benefits to users such as:

  • High speed: ExpressVPN has the ability to surf the web extremely smoothly, so no matter where you are in any country, your internet access speed is very high.
  • No technology skills required: When using the ExpressVPN installation, you easily realize that this software has a quite friendly interface, does not need to have high skills to use it, which allows those who are not good at computers, phones still have ExpressVPN can be used as usual.
  • Good quality: You can watch Netflix, BBC, Disney + or many other sites with full HD quality, there is no lag, load … This is one of the very points worth testing ExpressVPN.
  • High security: ExpressVPN International Limited is based in the UK Virgin Islands, at present, ExpressVPN has no law to keep the data, if anyone wants to force the company to file related to any information. Any information you have must open a clear investigation and require an order from the BVI court, the process to work usually takes a long time. Therefore, it can be said that the security of ExpressVPN is very high. Even, ExpressVPN has implemented military-grade information encryption with 4 security protocol ports, because of that reason, it can be said that the security of ExpressVPN is almost absolute, inviolable.
  • Network key to protect the user’s identity: ExpressVPN has a shortcut button (network key), which will be activated when your internet connection loses connection with the vpn servers. In this case, ExpressVPN’s network lock button will cut all data traffic coming from your devices to ensure that data leakage will not occur, it will not affect any information. your staff is online.
  • Can operate in China: If you are living in China then you absolutely can use ExpressVPN because this software allows fake ip Chinese.
  • Provided VPN protocol: You can choose the protocol automatically if you are using ExpressVPN software, it is best to set the default and automatically choose the protocol for your network, in case, if you are not completely satisfied with the connection. try your own other protocols. ExpressVPN has many protocols to choose from.
  • Price is good: Compared with other software, ExpressVPN has a pretty good price, bringing confidence to users.
  • Ability to support multiple operating systems: ExpressVPN allows operating in Mac, Windows, Android, Iphone, especially users can also connect 5 devices at the same time without any problems.
  • Good support service: ExpressVPN Software’s customer service team will assist you 24/7, anytime when you need detailed information.
This application is compatible with almost all operating systems on all devices

Instructions to get the free ExpressVPN key

To be able to get it ExpressVPN key For free, do the following:

Step 1: Download the file ExpressVPN key machine

Download ExpressVPN application to your computer

Step 2: Turn off all anti-virus software from the computer, then unzip the folder on the Desktop.

Step 3: Double-click the file ExpressVPN key then select setup up ExpressVPN

Installing the app is pretty straightforward

Step 4: The display screen requires you to fill out ExpressVPN key In, you return to the original file open ExpressVPNkey.txt out, copy and fill.

Step 5: ExpressVPN software will automatically active key for you, press ok to complete the program to install the full ExpressVPN on your computer.

Note: Users of ExpressVPN software should not press software update to avoid crashing the ExpressVPN key and losing software copyright.

In short, ExpressVPN is a software quite convenient for Internet users. Currently, this is a very valuable software to choose from. Try to experience this software by following our instructions above. Good luck with this practice.

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