Access to BBC VietNam is blocked by VPN

BBC VietNam is blocked because of the strict internet censorship in Vietnam with various legal and technical measures. The reason is that our politics protects users from obscene pornography, is against the state, distorts sovereignty, and causes religious divisions.

However, nowadays, many readers still like to visit sites such as BBCVietNam, VOA, and Danlambao… to follow their favorite information. So how do I get to this site once it’s blocked? Let’s find out through the article below.

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Why was BBC VietNam blocked?

Websites like VOA, Danlambao, and BBCVietNam are Also on the block list of Vietnamese carriers, making them inaccessible to readers. Reason BBC VietNam is blocked This is due to the strict Internet censorship in Vietnam with various legal and technical measures.

It is the Vietnamese government that requires network operators to block all websites containing content inappropriate to Vietnamese culture, including websites containing pornographic and obscene content; websites with articles that are defamatory, libelous, slanderous, and anti-government; websites with contents dividing religion and ethnic groups, websites containing violent contents, posting secret documents of the Party and State …

BBC Viet Nam is blocked due to strict internet censorship in Vietnam
BBCVietNam is blocked due to strict internet censorship in Vietnam

The BBC is blocked, making many people who love the site “uncomfortable” and always want to find ways to access the web.

You can immediately download Hola browser with built-in Hola VPN to access BBC VietNam when blocked.

Access to BBC VietNam is blocked by VPN

To access the website BBC VietNam is blocked When accessed on all browsers such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Google Chrome, and Coc Coc easily, users have to find a way. Currently, “By passing the firewall” is simple, and the easiest to do is to use free VPNs. This is the optimal way that Vietnamese users choose. Whereby, VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network, this is a form of a virtual private network that allows users to be set up with another network on the Internet in an anonymous form. Using a VPN gives you access to blocked websites and makes your network connection safe and secure when you join a public internet or a network of a network provider.

Currently, the way to enter BBCVietNam is blocked Using VPN is chosen by many users who use Opera VPN. This is one in 10 of The best free VPNs used for many years. How to get in BBC VietNam is blocked Using Opera VPN as follows:

Step 1: Download the Opera VPN browser to your computer and install the Opera VPN browser.

bbc viet nam vpn opera

Step 2: Configure Opera browser configuration by going to Menu, choosing Settings, and clicking on Privacy & Security. At VNP, you enable VNP by Activating VPN.

bbc viet nam vpn

Step 3: Look at the address bar of Opera VPN, click on the VPN, and press the button On to open. Off is you turn off VPN. After opening, you have access to the site BBC Viet Nam is blocked success.

vao bbc viet nam bang vpn

Step 4: If you want to limit the active area of the VPN, scroll down and select “Virtuous Location” and choose any area.

Above is how to access BBC VietNam is blocked by VPN users should know if they want to bypass the firewall to access this website. Hope this article has provided you with useful information. Wishing you smooth and free surfing on the BBC.

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