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Shadowsocks is an unfamiliar name for Internet users when it was originally designed to be able to bypass China’s firewalls. Are Shadowsock and VPN the same thing? And what is the relationship between this two software?

What is Shadowsocks?

Shadowsocks is purely an open-source SOCKS5-based application designed for the first time in China by someone nicknamed clowwindy.

shadowsocks 1
Shadowsocks is programmed to bypass Chinese firewalls

Until 2015, Shadowsocks was discontinued because the programmer of the Chinese police project was closely testing the software. Shadowsocks was later developed by other collaborators.

What advantages do Shadowsocks have?

Shadowsocks is one of the most popular software, it makes it easy to set up. Selective traffic hiding is also a huge advantage of Shadowsocks, where you can access restricted content even outside or inside your location.

The big advantage of Shadowsocks that not all software owns is that Shadowsocks is difficult to detect and block.

Shadowsocks also has many other outstanding advantages such as:

  • The ability to surf the web safely and anonymously is very standard
  • This product has a built-in high data encryption algorithm, so not everyone can find out which shadowsocks users are using on the network.
  • Ability to surf highly personal security proxy servers
  • The TCP connection establishment with an IP address is random
  • Shadowsocks has support for network navigation and data traffic
  • Shadowsocks’ interface is very easy to use, but those who are not familiar with technology can still use this software.

How to use Shadowsocks

Currently, using Shadowsocks is not as difficult as it is thought. You just need a proxy server that acts as a proxy, set up, or finds out the Shadowsocks

are free to use instead. One simple way is that you can use a spys one SockS5 to use instead.

If the Shadowsocks proxy is paid for or free to use, you give details to a program, on Windows 10 operating systems that accept the Proxy address and reroute that data.

If you have finished setting up the server, you can run it by loading the web page. If during the boot process does not see the server working, try another server and start reloading the web. You can visit WhatlsMyIPAdress to see the IP and country matching the proxy servers, if the results match the proxy servers, you are already running Shadowsocks.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network, abbreviated by the English word Virtual Private Network, this is a network technology that helps create a completely secure network connection for people participating in the Internet. Normally, a system of VPN will be connected to many different websites, based on many features such as geography and area.

vpns 1
A VPN creates an absolutely secure network connection for people participating in the Internet

VPN is used a lot in today’s life:

  • You can access the corporate network from a distance
  • You can access your home network even if you are not at home
  • The ability to browse anonymously, so the security of your data exchanged on the network won’t be leaked to the outside world. With a VPN, all information is military-grade secure with 256-bit AES encryption
  • You can access any website that is geographically blocked, VPN will help you bypass the firewall and unblock Internet browsing.
  • Download files, the ability to speed up downloading files for your work
VPN will help you get past the firewall and unblock Internet browsing

Difference between Shadowsocks and VPN

As for the similarities, both Shadowsocks and VPN are software capable of connecting Internet users to websites that are restricted to certain geographic areas, such as China. At first, Shadowsocks was also created to bypass China’s firewall, which wanted to circumvent the limits of traffic and provide freedom in a cybersecurity environment.

However, Shadowsocks is not designed for security and anonymity, VPN prioritizes traffic encryption, and anonymizes users, allowing users’ information confidentiality. Sending all of the user traffic through a VPN-like server doesn’t work when you’re using Shadowsocks.

Should choose Shadowsocks or should choose VPN?

Depending on your needs and costs you can choose a certain Shadowsocks or VPN. In case you want to find a tool that wants to protect your identity online and completely removes your digital footprint, a VPN is a legitimate tool for you to do it.

Shadowsocks and VPNs connect Internet users to restricted websites

However, in certain geographic areas that do not support a VPN, you should use Shadowsocks to be able to log into firewalls.

Currently, many VPNs are favored by users. Some of the best quality VPNs that people choose include:


With 256-bit strong encryption and more than 5,390 servers in 61 active countries and regions, NordVPN is one of the VPNs you should choose to secure your account.


Like Nordvpn, ExpressVPN is also confidential through 256-bit AES, the most important thing is that Express has many strong security protocols, preventing IP leaks to the outside, which helps your information. users avoid bluffing.

Should we choose shadowsocks or VPN? The answer depends on your needs and budget. Both shadowsocks and vpn are software that can help users surf the web, watch movies, and play movies without limitation, using this software will greatly support your work.

Hope this article has brought you the most useful information!

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