6 great movies on HBO Vietnam channel

HBO Vietnam is now a television entertainment channel that is loved by Vietnamese people. The channel offers a variety of attractive movies, sports, and current events with engaging content. Vietnam is the 6th country in Asia to launch the HBO service and is viewed on the FPT Play app. Here are 6 good movies on HBO Vietnam that you should not miss.

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HBO Vietnam shows exclusive films from the world’s most famous producers

What is HBO? Where is HBO Vietnam viewed?

HBO is short for the phrase Home Box Office, this is an American television channel specializing in film and sports, and current events. HBO launched in 1972. HBO specializes in the exclusive screening of films from the most famous producers in the world such as Columbia Tristar, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, DreamWorks, Castle Rock, Franchise, Morgan Creek, New Line, Screen Gems, Studio Canal and Village Roadshow …

HBO has its own website, its own satellite channel, and an internet protocol TV channel (IPTV).

Currently, HBO has wide coverage globally, and countries that can watch this channel through a TV application in their own country.

HBO has entered the Vietnamese market as HBO Vietnam in 2019 on the FPT Play platform – this is the first infrastructure to deploy HBO services. With HBO Vietnam, users can freely watch movies through the FPT Play app on smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems; laptops and PCs running on Windows and macOS; or Smart TV running on Android TV, Tizen, and WebOS.

With spending of 79k / month/subscription, users can watch up to 3 live TV channels (HBO, MAX by HBO, and RED by HBO) and watch full season seasons of all feature films and series. HBO Originals, Cinemax Originals, and HBO Asia Originals.

Revealing 6 great movies on HBO Vietnam

On HBO Vietnam, there are many good and special movies. Here are 6 movies that you should not miss:

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is Game of Thrones, which is a highly entertaining American fantasy television series. To date, Game of Thrones has passed 8 seasons and attracts viewers non-stop with each episode. Game of Thrones has been nominated for 106 Primetime Emmy Awards and has won 38, holding the Emmy record for drama.


Game of Thrones belongs to the genre of fantasy film, television series is adapted based on the series of fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire by author George R. R. Martin produced in the US. The film was shot in various locations such as Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Spain, Malta, and Morocco. The film has content focusing on wars, dark human plots, and the battle between good and evil.

Game of Thrones premiered in Vietnam has omitted a lot of hot scenes, said to be 20+, making many fans quite disappointed. Just by using a VPN to change the IP to the US or a European country to watch the full version of the episodes. You can refer to the to change IP address and enjoy this super blockbuster.


hbo viet nam scandal
Scandal movie on HBO Vietnam

This is a very worth-watching movie on HBO Vietnam about the volatile life of Olivia Pope – a smart, beautiful owner who specializes in handling media crises, in which clients are big officials. major US Government. The film attracts viewers through elements of reality and fiction, especially referring to the scandalous sex scandal of former President Bill Clinton.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is also a unique movie on HBO Vietnam, attracting viewers by owning extremely attractive content. The film is about a Chemistry teacher named Walter White. This teacher is carrying terrible lung cancer. However, his family’s life is extremely difficult, he has to raise his wife and two young children. To get rid of this deadlocked life, he decided to cooperate with the rebellious student Jesse Pinkman in making meth and selling it for a living.

hbo viet nam breaking bad
Movie Breaking Bad on HBO Vietnam

True Blood

True Blood is a hit movie on HBO. The film has elements of horror, magic, and mythology that contribute to attracting viewers. Furthermore, True Blood also deals with sexuality; racism, class; homosexuality; society’s vices; fanaticism. Along with that, there are also violent and gore scenes. The film won 1 Golden Globe and 1 Emmy Award at the American Film Festival.

hbo viet nam true blood
Movie True Blood on HBO Vietnam

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is on film HBO Vietnam The attraction belongs to the horror genre that you should not ignore. The film revolves around the 1890s story of two lighthouse keepers trying to maintain their own honesty and courage as they lived on the secluded, secluded New England island full of mystery. The film also begins to reveal the horrifying mysteries of this island that many people have not witnessed. The Lighthouse attracts viewers from the first to the last act of the film.

hbo viet nam the lighthouse
Movie Lighthouse on HBO Vietnam

The Undoing

Top 6 good movies above HBO Vietnam It is worth seeing as The Undoing. The film tells the character Nordic (Nicole Kidman) a famous psychotherapist working in New York. Nordic is married to Grace Fraser (Hugh Grantin) a doctor treating childhood oncology and they have a teenage son named Henry (Noah) studying at a prestigious school with expensive tuition.

The nordic family was doing well when Henry’s friend’s mother discovered that someone had been brutally murdered. So the Nordic family had to step in to find the truth. On this planet, members of their families have had interesting arguments and conflicts.

hbo viet nam the undoing
Movie The Undoing on HBO Vietnam

Above are 6 good movies on HBO Vietnam that will definitely make movies love. If you are a lover of movies and exciting news and sports programs around the planet, this American TV channel is worth your attention. Sign up now for the HBO Vietnam package to release your entertainment.

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