Top 10 vpn Vietnam services in 2022

VPN Vietnam has never disappointed Internet users. Increasingly, VPNs in Vietnam have shown their advantages as they continuously have stable transmission lines and can “break into” almost any website. To help you have a more visual view of Vietnam VPN, today we would like to introduce to you the article Top 10 VPN Vietnam services in 2022.

Why do you need a Vietnam VPN?

It would be bad if all your access was stolen, using one Vietnam VPN, Your information will be kept carefully.

VPN Vietnam is looking a lot this year
VPN Vietnam is looking a lot this year

In Vietnam, why do you need one VPN Vietnam?

  • Cyber security is not guaranteed, because criminals are always hunting for your personal information and stealing them to blackmail you.
  • ISPs slow down your connection to the world, but if you want to run torrents, it won’t be easy.
  • Currently, our government is censoring what you can watch online, so that could limit your information.

VPN is one of the keys that opens you up to freedom in the modern Internet environment, helping you protect your personal information, and being able to watch a full range of programs in many other countries. if each other is banned, and especially can comfortably research and shop online without fear of leaking your information.

Top 10 Vietnam HOT services in 2022


It is no longer a strange name for Internet users in Vietnam anymore, NordVPN has proven to be a viable VPN and has proven its prowess over time. NordVPN has many special features as follows:

  • The torrent configuration is extremely dedicated, there is always a dedicated server available for P2P
  • Always effective with Netflix, Hulu, BBC Iplayer, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, SkyTV, Disney +
  • Flexible use on many programs such as Windows, macOS, Android, Ios, Linux, Chrome, Firefox
  • Currently, NordVPN implements an extremely strict no-logging policy, so that the user’s information is not stolen.
  • NordVPN has 15 servers in Vietnam, giving you complete access to Vietnam’s TV shows while you are abroad.
  • The 30-day money-back policy without quality assurance is NordVPN’s excellent user support policy.
NordVPN has a very good vpn vietnam server cluster
NordVPN has a very good VPN Vietnam server cluster

NordVPN is considered the best VPN in Vietnam today, Nord is AES 256 encrypted and supports OpenVPN protocols and IKEv2 / IPSec helps your secure information in the most confidential way.

Currently, Nord is being supervised by a 14-eye alliance, which prevents Nord from collecting information and user logs, ensuring high confidentiality and information for customers.


This is an extremely secure VPN for users, with many outstanding features such as:

  • Can work well with Netflix, BBC Iplayer, Hulu, Disney +, HBO NOW, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video
  • Can be used on many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Chromebook, Kindle Fire
  • Currently, ExpressVPN has 1 server located in Vietnam, so you can access the content of many TV shows while you are abroad.
  • Express operates a policy of no logging for customers’ data, ensuring high security, and ensuring customer freedom.
  • Refunds are available after 30 days if Express is not your option.
expressvpn master 2020
Using ExpressVPN is the safest solution when surfing the web

So far, ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers with extremely high speed, operating over 160 locations and territories.

ExpressVPN also enables users to access the content they love even on platforms that don’t support VPN, with just one of their Mediastreamer features.

ExpressVPN also bypasses Chinese firewalls and works while you’re in the country.


Surfshark is one Vietnam VPN Many people choose because there are outstanding features such as:

  • May work for Netflix, Hulu, SkyTV, Fox Go, BBC Iplayer, DAZN, Spotify
  • Available on programs like Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, FireTV, AppleTV
  • Surfshark currently has 1 server located in Vietnam, you can access to watch local programs while you are abroad.
surfshark master 2020
Surfshark VPN is a software that makes fake ip very effective

One of the most prominent features of Surfshark is its ability to create split tunnels and dual encryption, providing extremely high security of information, especially preventing malware from affecting your computer.

Surfshark currently operates with more than 1041 servers in 61 different countries and regions, speed is considered fast and stable by day.


CyberGhost VPN is one Vietnam VPN Operational effectively, this software has many outstanding features such as:

  • Allows dedicated torrent download configuration
  • Can work extremely well with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC Iplayer, Kodi, Spotify, Vudu, Crunchyroll
  • Can work on many different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, and many different browsers
  • Currently, Cyberghost has more than 19 servers operating in Vietnam, allowing you to access local programs as efficiently as possible.
cyberghost master 2020 768x384 2
CyberGhost VPN does not allow your information to be leaked

This software has more than 6100 servers and operates in 90 different countries and regions, solid encryption plus no log backup gives Cyberghost a lot of trust from customers.

Private Internet Access

This software works effectively thanks to outstanding features such as:

  • Ability to work with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, HBO Go, HBO Now, Showtime, and even SkyTV
  • Do not back up customer activity logs
  • Can work effectively on platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Chrome, Firefox, PS4 / XBOX
pia master 2020
PIA VPN will keep you completely safe from hackers

So far, this software has more than 3200 servers operating in 46 different countries and territories, bringing many benefits to users.


Compared to much other software, PrivateVPN operates more modestly with 150 servers owned in more than 60 countries and territories, 256-bit AES encryption, and supports even difficult protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSec. , IKEv2, PPTP.

privatevpn master 2020
Use PrivateVPN now!

Not only that, currently, PrivateVPN is being watched by the 14-eye alliance, so it does not allow backing up customer data, giving you peace of mind to use the network.


IPVanish is a relatively effective software as it also has many outstanding features such as:

  • Works well with Netflix, Vudu, Fox Go, HBO Go, Disney +, Sling TV, DAZN
  • Can work on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon, Linux, Chrome, or other routers
  • The user’s no-logs policy makes it convenient to use

Currently, this software has more than 1,400 servers operating in 75 different locations and territories, extremely good service speed, and 256-bit encryption capabilities that allow IPVanish to operate smoothly.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the most trusted software by many users, it has many outstanding features such as:

  • May work with Netflix, BBC Iplayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Sling TV
  • Can work on interfaces such as Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Chromebook
  • Do not back up user’s diaries and 45 days money back guarantee if you do not like this software
hotspot shield master 2020
Make Hotspot Shield the default on your device

Hotspot Shield Premium has more than 3200 servers operating around the world, bringing many applications to users, ensuring support for more information through 128-bit encryption, and having the most exclusive Catapult Hydra protocol.


UltraVPN is an application that can work effectively with Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, HBO GO, and HBO NOW.

It is also available on many applications such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, and FireTV.

In particular, the policy does not allow backups of customer logs. So far, UltraVPN has more than 100 servers operating in 58 different countries and territories.


And one of the Top 10 VPN services in Vietnam That we want to send to you is VyprVPN, this is one of the special VPNs in Vietnam because:

  • The ability works with Netflix, HBO Now, Sling TV, Sky Go, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video
  • Available on Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, smart TVs, and various routers
  • Backup of user data is not allowed

vyprVPN has more than 700 servers operating with more than 200,000 IP addresses, this is one of the great successes of VyprVPN.

VyprVPN has a proprietary Chameleon protocol, which is an extremely good protocol that helps protect transmission lines and increase its power when geographically overcome. Even the geography is separated by firewalls. That’s why it still works in China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

vyprVPN is secured with 256-bit AES encryption, the policy of no log backup, and the wifi protection of users even in public places help this software get high praise from customers.

Thus, we have just introduced to you 10 VPN Vietnam The hottest of the year 2022. These Vietnam VPNs have been precisely selected through the experience of many previous customers. So each piece of information we give has a fully legal basis. Based on the information above, we hope that you can choose for yourself the VPN Vietnam most suitable for you. In fact, each VPN has its own advantages and disadvantages, however, each VPN is free to use for a while and then charges, if you do not know which VPN to use then you can test it, and after a while, it is not too late to choose.

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