Top 7 most effective ad blocking softwares in 2024

Ad blocking software is an application that is being searched by quite a lot of people today to help them block ads that continuously appear on youtube. Currently, many types of ads have been installed on websites as well as videos played on youtube, causing the program to be interrupted, creating an annoyance for viewers. Here are the top 7 most effective ad blockers in 2024 that you should know to use whenever you want.

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Ad-blocking software is used a lot across browsers

1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus also known as ABP is one ad-blocking software that has been used effectively by many for many years. This software is used for Firefox, Chrome or Safari, and Opera browsers. The advantage of AdBlock Plus is that it owns many features that help users easily block advertising programs from appearing on youtube. As follows:

  • AdBlock Plus will help users block display ads by default, including Pop-ups and Pop-unders.
  • AdBlock Plus has a customizable list of filters to use as a user’s ad-blocking criteria.
  • AdBlock Plus features Blacklisted ads to block ads based on your browser language setting.

Besides, AdBlock Plus also has the ability to protect against the intrusion of accompanying malware, making your computer always completely protected.

AdBlock Plus is an effective ad blocking software on Chrome
AdBlock Plus effectively blocks ads on Chrome

However, with the “Acceptable ads” feature, AdBlock Plus allows you to display relevant ads and not affect the content you are viewing.

AdBlock Plus is a free and open-source ad blocker. Therefore, users can completely use it without worrying about fees. Google Chrome browser users can install the AdBlock Plus extension via the link:

2. AdBlock

One youtube ad blocking software Effective, widely used by many users, is AdBlock. Accordingly, AdBlock will help you block banner ads, Facebook ads, and youtube ads quickly and effectively, helping you to get rid of the unpleasant feelings when being interrupted by advertising programs. AdBlock supports users on browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

phan mem chan quang cao adblock
AdBlock will help you block banner ads, Facebook ads

Features of AdBlock include:

  • AdBlock will have a default ad blocker that helps users remove unwanted display ads, for a smooth web and video experience without interruption.
  • AdBlock contains a Whitelist feature, which helps determine which ads are acceptable to appear on websites and videos that users visit.
  • AdBlock Support to block Pop-ups and Pop-under ads.
  • Besides, AdBlock also has a list of filters to specify which domains are allowed to show or hide ads.

However, AdBlock has the downside that it will slow down network access if you have too many tabs open at the same time.

AdBlock is also free ad-blocking software.

3.uBlock Origin

Among the top effective ad-blocking software in 2024 that many people trust to use is uBlock Origin. This software supports users of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera browsers. The advantage of uBlock Origin is lightweight, blocking ad types by default. uBlock Origin will help users block black websites and ads during page loading via advanced mode.

phan mem chan quang cao ublockorigin 1 1
The advantage of uBlock Origin is its lightweight

The main features of uBlock Origin are:

  • The uBlock Origin software easily blocks Pop-ups and Pop-unders ads.
  • uBlock Origin has a filter list, which helps your users filter out unwanted advertising content.
  • uBlock Origin features Dynamic Filter support for national and international websites.
  • uBlock Origin also allows users to activate or deactivate ad blocking for certain websites.

In addition to the aforementioned features, uBlock Origin is also software that helps you prevent malware and viruses that endanger your device and block access by third parties to help users avoid being followed. tracking while using the web. uBlock Origin is also free to support users.

4. Ghostery

Ghostery is one ad-blocking software that is appreciated for possessing great features and advantages. Currently, this software has more than 10 million registered users. Ghostery will help users block advertising programs on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Cliqz 8.1. This will help the web access speed to take place more quickly and not have to suffer an uncomfortable interruption of advertisements, or banner ads …

phan mem chan quang cao youtube
Ghostery helps block Youtube ads effectively

Ghostery’s outstanding features include:

  • Ghostery has a smart blocking feature, which helps users automatically remove malicious websites with many bad ads.
  • Ghostery has an anti-tracking feature, which helps these Your private access is not exposed outside.
  • Ghostery has a dashboard that displays detailed information, making it easy for users to track and capture important changes.
  • Ghostery also features anti-phishing security to help users eliminate phishing websites.
  • Ghostery has the feature to block or unblock ads in bulk if users want to track the ads.
  • Ghostery allows users to track ad-blocking history and statistics.

In addition, Ghostery has 2 views for users to choose from, including a detailed view and an intuitive view. Moreover, Ghostery also has the most advanced AI support to ensure your data is always confidential.

Ghostery is free and paid software. In particular, Ghostery will give you basic ad-blocking features for free and Ghostery Plus will have a fee of $ 2 / month which will help users own many other features.

5. AdGuard

One of the most effective ad-blocking software used by many users is AdGuard. This application allows you to enjoy enjoyable experiences on computers, phones, and tablets. AdGuard will help remove harmful ads, and block ads that frequently appear on popular web browsers, phones, tablets, and even Facebook.

phan mem chan quang cao adguard
AdGuard has a feature to block all ads

Features of AdGuard include:

  • AdGuard has a feature to block all ads, including ads appearing on videos, ads on Facebook, and banner ads …
  • AdGuard also blocks mobile ads.
  • AdGuard has a feature that blocks ads in other apps and games.
  • AdGuard features incognito mode, which supports hiding your IP address to protect user data.

In addition, AdGuard also helps users prevent spyware from intentionally spying on users.

AdGuard is free to download.

6. Firefox Focus

One ad-blocking software Currently being used by many people is Firefox Focus – a brainchild of Firefox. Firefox Focus will help users block ads on smartphones with Android and iOS profiles.

phan mem chan quang cao firefox focus
Firefox Focus features user privacy protection

Firefox Focus features include:

  • Firefox Focus has the ability to block all kinds of ads from appearing on iOS and Android phones.
  • Firefox Focus features user privacy protection.
  • Firefox Focus has a feature that automatically clears history and cookies.
  • Firefox Focus also intercepts tools for gathering information about users and blocks social networking sites with the simplest steps.

Besides, Firefox Focus also helps to speed up the user’s browsing.

Currently, Firefox Focus owns a large number of users and is a favorite free software.

7. Opera

One ad-blocking software brings high efficiency to users, not to mention Opera. This software is supported on both computer and smartphone platforms.

phan mem chan quang cao opera
Handy erase web history feature on Opera

Opera has many outstanding features that make users love that are:

  • Opera features ad-blocking in the browser without add-on add-ons. This makes accessing the web users quick and smooth.
  • Opera features user-friendly tools like this VPN service Integrated, incognito mode, phishing alert, and malicious malware.
  • Opera features web viewing at night, helping users to experience the phone without eye pain. In addition, users can adjust the screen light according to their preferences.
  • Opera has the ability to erase web history, helping users keep their information secure.
  • Opera also has a manager feature, which helps users manage all downloaded files quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can also organize, share, and delete videos from the list easily.
  • Opera has a sync feature that prevents users from having to sign in multiple times on multiple devices with the same account.

Currently, Opera is a widely used and completely free software.

Above are the 7 most effective ad-blocking software 2024 used by many people and highly appreciated on technology forums. Each software has its own advantages and is very useful for you in blocking unwanted ads. Quickly download it so that your surfing and watching videos will not be interrupted.

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