How to install vpn configuration for smartphone

Configuring vpn for smartphones is no stranger to Internet users, using vpn to comfortably surf the web, watch movies and access geographical areas with firewalls to give you freedom in your lips. Modern Internet School. So what is the most effective way to configure vpn for smartphones?

Why do you have to protect privacy on your phone?

In the modern Internet environment, you will encounter countless hackers who want to steal your personal information, which is the source of online blackmail to get your account back. Protecting privacy on your phone keeps you from unnecessary trouble that you think is someone else’s business until hackers attack you.

Protect privacy on your phone to avoid unnecessary troubles

There are many ways to protect the privacy of your phone, one can use Tor’s incognito browser for Android, called Orfox. So far, this is the most private browser for mobile devices used by many people.

Another solution that many people choose is to use web proxies. These web proxies act as a gateway between the utilities, however, web proxies are also not the best option when there are constant cyber attacks on web proxies.

So far, the best way to protect your privacy in a network environment is to use vpn for smartphones.

How to install vpn configuration for smartphone

Currently there are many vpn for you to choose from, some vpn trusted by many customers including NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark. To add vpn configuration for iphone, You rely on VPN software to add. In this article we would like to show you how add vpn configuration for iphone on the Surfshark software.

Add Surfshark VPN configuration on iphone

Step 1: You download and install the application associated with the VPN service

Step 2: Sign in to your VPN account

Step 3: Select Quick Connect, Connect

Step 4: Click the Allow button and enter the iphone password

The way to change the virtual location in your mobile device is to tap on Locaitons, choose the location you want to use.

Some ways to manually configure vpn for smartphones, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the application settings on the device

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: You choose the VPN to configure

Manually configure vpn for smartphones

Step 4: Click the Add VPN Configuration button

Step 5: Select Type

Step 6: Click on IKEv2, IPSec or L2TP

Step 7: Click Back and enter vpn installation information as well as description

Step 8: Click on Authentication, add the user’s name, address and password

The vpn configuration is an easy way to help you surf the web comfortably

Step 9: In case, if you are using a proxy, you can click the Manual or auto button, press the done button to end the transaction.

At personal VPN, you touch the switch to connect.

Manually connecting the VPN will take longer, but it is slow but probably for you in this case.

Configure vpn is a simple way to help you freely surf the web and protect information on the Internet. In today’s free network environment, a cyber attack can happen at any time. Therefore, the installation configure vpn smartphone will help you avoid the risk of losing money and information. Although you do not work in the Internet environment, but if you also own a smartphone, then think about installing it configure vpn to protect your information in the flat world.

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