The easiest guide to getting Pi invitation code 2021

Do you want to participate in mining this very potential cryptocurrency? How can you get the Pi Network referral code (Pi invitation code) to start earning Pi and how will you benefit from its platform? You’ve come to the right place!

What is Pi Network?

Pi is a new and smart cryptocurrency based on a secured contract platform and operated by people. Pi is an interesting project, as of the time of this writing, Pi has over 10 million users and is being developed by Stanford graduates. Its utility is monetizing P2P untapped resources.

Pi will monetize your attention, as it writes in the white paper “allowing its members to pool their collective resources so that they can receive a share of the value they create” or In layman’s terms, Pi members will earn their income from the time they spend on the Internet.

In a simple comparison, social media giants like Facebook put ads on their platforms and they make money from every user’s attention. Opposite, Pi Network will put ads on their platforms, but unlike Facebook, users will earn revenue from advertising. This is one of many you can read Whitepaper Its to Learn more or visit webpage their.

The Pi is currently in phase 2 of the rollout plan, they have already developed an app that you can download on your mobile device. What’s even better is that you can start mining with your phone’s app! means you can make crypto using the app. Compared to bitcoin, you don’t need to burn a lot of energy and money by buying an expensive rig just to mine the Pi. The Pi Network is using SCP or the Stellar consensus protocol to validate its transactions more planet-friendly than bitcoin’s.

How to get the Pi Network referral code?

The Pi Network app is free to download, but you need an invitation code to gain access. You can get an invitation code by asking any user, or you can use my code.

Registration steps in Pi Network application

Note: The declared information should be real information, recorded on your identity papers to avoid problems for future transactions.

After you have provided your personal information and chosen a display name for yourself, the next step is needed invitation code Pi Network from someone who joined Pi before you. This is necessary for the confidentiality of the data cluster as well as for the restriction of junk subscriptions to this community. Please fill in kanilk2111 Enter your referral code box to gain access and start mining. This is the referral code for which the user has the name kanilk2111 owned. After you successfully log in to Pi Network, you will also have the referral code which is the name you use in Pi Network.

This application is very light as it does not drain the battery and does not consume data. All you have to do is touch the lightning button (mining button) inside the app to start mining, you can close it and continue your day. Even though it continues to accumulate cryptocurrencies after closing the app, you still have to tap the button again as it will stop accumulating Pi after 24 hours.

Enter the referral code Pi Network
Enter the invitation code to be able to access the Pi Network application

The next halving of Pi will start when users reach 10 million, meaning that any user who signs up after reaching 10 million will get less Pi or will get nothing as the Pi Network can Stop offering Cryptocurrencies for free. If it continues to feed the Pi after reaching 10 million users, it will inevitably decrease and continue to decline until it stops when it reaches 1 billion users.

Pi Network community

The Pi community is very active, there are a number of groceries already established and currently accepts Pi as payment. One of the interesting stores is TPL or Pi Lifestyle Economy, located in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. You can buy 5 kg of rice at their store for 0.25 Pi, A “vans boy” brim for 1,4295 Pi and more! One of their customers with the username bossbhy75 bought, 5 kg of rice, spam, soda mugs, sauces and malt for just 0.6375 Pi. What a great shopping day!


The Pi network has huge potential, since it is the first cryptocurrency to be mined through a mobile app, it also has an active community to help realize pi’s goals as its community is building. building a “community driven economy”.

** Given the current number of users and the level of activism of the Pi Network community, what do you think the Pi’s fiat value will be in the future? **

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